Hip pain on trainer but fine outdoors

I use a wheel on trainer and for the most part it works well. I use the same bike that I use outdoors. But I find that during tough sessions my left hip starts to burn and just feels super uncomfortable while on the trainer. I feel good fitness wise but have to dial it back because of the burn. During a hard workout outside i’ve not had this problem. Seeing as it’s potentially more of a trainer set up than bike set up any suggestions that might help? I have my front wheel on a book.

I stretch a lot before and after, pigeon pose and stretching my hip flexors feels really good after a session but I can tell i’ve hurt my hip and it takes awhile to recover. I also do glute strengthening exercises with a band and have been doing that for about 1-2 months, 3-4 times a week.

Any suggestions?

Is the front wheel level or tipped up like climbing up a hill? I had a similar issue and found my front wheel was too high. Might give that a try.

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I sometimes used to get hip or calf pain on the turbo which I didn’t often get out doors. I put it down to ERG mode and the spiral of death as it suddenly ramps up the resistance to the max. Im doing intense w/o in resistance mode now.

The guidance on stretching is also contradictory. A lot of people recommend that you never stretch before unless properly warmed up and some people recommend never stretching at all (foam rolling and walking instead). Since I cut back on my stretching and instead upped my foam rolling and gentle walking. I’m not as sore as often. I’m no physio though :neutral_face:

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do you move around enough on the bike when indoors? Does the pain start immediately or after some typical amount of time. You don’t realize how much you move around on the bike outside turning and coasting.

Do you have an active job where you’re on your feet most of the day? Or are you sitting most of the day? Sometimes the cause of the problem isn’t what you think, and some other issue is creating a problem. Then when you’re on the trainer it’s emphasized.I only say this because I’ve had similar issues in the past with my hip flexor. Come to find out it only started happening when I started a job where I am sitting a lot more than I used to. Then I really started feeling discomfort on the bike and thought it might be the bike fit. So now I try to stand as much as I can during the day. The discomfort isn’t really there anymore.
Couch stretches and supine scorpions are stretches I do every day that feel amazing.


I may not move around enough on the bike indoors, and it doesn’t start immediately, it’s after about 30-40mins. There is potential I could move around a bit more before it starts to hurt to relieve the pain

I’m definitely in the same boat as you, I have a sit down job and now that i’m working from home that has decreased the walking and increased sitting. I have tried to address this with a sit/stand desk, lots of movement, and have been to the physio over the past few months to figure out these issues. Now the lower back pain has been addressed but the sore hip (despite physio intervention) on the trainer lingers so I just wanted to check in about potential mechanical quirks people have noticed.

Couch stretch is the best, I should do that more, and supine scorpion is new to me! Thanks for the tip I will incorporate this one for sure.

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Interesting, I don’t think it is tipped but will make sure to double check that. Thanks

how much historically have you done indoors. If it’s a new experience for you, it does take some time. As far as moving around, I set times to stand that are pre-planned. Depending on the intensity and length, it could be every 20 minutes I stand for a minute or every 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds, sometimes it’s a minute.

I’ve been on the trainer consistently since October 2020. I have taken some weeks off when the weather is nice enough for outdoor riding, and also to address this pain. It could be that I still need to focus on strengthening now that my fitness is decent and I can push more watts for much longer than I first was able to. Usually my lungs and HR are my limiter and now it seems it is my hip. I will definitely incorporate some standing on the bike to help with moving my body around. Thanks,