Hip Pain (glute med tendinopathy)

That sucks!
Is it pain, or discomfort?
Mine is usually discomfort that goes away a few hours after im done.

Last week it was different. I was limping during the day after the run wo, then next day i couldn’t even complete the brick run.

I hope mine is related to bike fitting. I havent have one in about 2 years. Its about time to get one… I was planning one for earlier this year…but then covid19 happen.

FWIW and I’m an engineer not a medical professional… If you sit all day at work, don’t strength train regularly, and are 40+, then IMHO you either have or will likely develop weak glutes and weak posterior chain. And that can lead to other problems, in my case it was the knees. Humans weren’t made to sit. Getting old doesn’t have to suck. Be strong.

@IamDeablo Tendinopathy, or tendinosis, is degeneration of the tendon. To oversimplify matters, it has been damaged beyond its immediate recovery capabilities, then damaged again, partially healed, and the process is repeated. Each cycle weakens the tendon.

This only tends to resolve through strengthening of the tendon, which means loading it. @AntC is spot on here.

The general rehab pattern seems to be isometrics, then eccentric only, then heavy slow full repetitions, then finally explosive work. Generally exercises that compress the tendon should be avoided until at least stage 3. The exact protocol will vary according to the affected body part and needs to be prescribed by a physio or similar.

You should also be assessed by someone who can see if weakness elsewhere is disproportionately loading the affected tendon. For example, it’s common to get people with proximal biceps tendinosis (which presents as pain in the front of the shoulder, usually) to work on the muscles in the BACK of their shoulder and in the lower traps.

You may need to ease up or stop the initially aggravating activity for a while. There’s some evidence that shockwave therapy speeds things up but it doesn’t work on its own.

I’ve worked through bicep and patellar tendinopathy (both non cycling related) this way and am just getting over some (cycling related) high hamstring tendinopathy. The loading process works, though it takes 3-6 months if tendinosis is established.

You might also want to consider seeing a physio who specialises in cycling. If you’re in the UK, Dan Boyd (ex Movistar physio) is very good.

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It’s a sit on the couch 3 or 4 out of 10 pain. It can get up to a 7/10 pain on hard climbs, etc.

Yeah been working on that for months. Glute bridges, bridges, clam shells, etc.

Took me a couple years and eventually rolled the clock back a couple decades. In some ways I’m stronger now than in my late 20s / early 30s which says more about the dedication to my career than anything.

That’s good. I’m in my best cardio shape too. I’d be so much further forward without the pain. I’ve tried the sit around and do nothing for months. It never really got better or worse. GP said that there wasn’t something structural to prevent getting back to exercise. The exercise hasn’t made it significantly worse.

I tend to think it’s a facia thing cause roll balls and massage guns help a bit.

Exactly the same here where in my case together with strength work I ‘cured’ my hip FAI

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Are you on a progressive, supervised program, and have you been assessed by a cycling-literate physio for imbalances and weaknesses elsewhere?

In addition to the exercises/stretches I’ve been doing, I’m going to be trying Rofling based on a recommendation on the forum to see if there is value there.