Glute pain when cycling

I had a retul bike for a few weeks ago ( more aggressive position). Every since then I get glute medius pain / upper butt pain on the right side when I ride ( even some Tfl tenderness) I do know my hips and flutes are weak ( per my chiro).

I am scheduled to go back to the fitter but expect he will just want to move me to a less aggressive position. Is it possible I just need to do some strength training, or does this mean I just can’t ride aero? Anything else I should consider?

I foam roll and stretch , even getting Graston /art on the glutes but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Just a constant burning.

How dramatic was the change in position?
(Amount of drop, etc.)

What about other related settings like saddle height, fore-aft, angle, etc?

I have the report I can send to you if that’s helpful?

But the summary says

Saddle moved back 30 mm

Cleats adjusted and moved back

Handlebars from 43 to 31

Stack lowered by 15mm

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That info is great. Let me digest and see if I have any suggestions.

I’m no expert and I’m sure someone will have a more thorough explanation, but if your saddle has been moved backwards and your stack lowered then it will have closed your hip angle a reasonable amount. I would imagine this will have the effect of stretching or putting more tension on the muscles in the hamstrings, glutes, lower back etc so could well cause the discomfort you are experiencing.

I’d have thought any such change would take your body time to adapt to, although if the discomfort persists past weeks or so then personally I’d certainly be looking at whether the position is sustainable.


Independent of bike fit, you might want to work on strengthening hips/glutes. Mine were pretty weak, and coupled with flat feet I’ve been living with biomechanical issues for 35+ years (post-college, desk jockey).

I’m not moving into my senior years without a fight. For what its worth, these are my phase 1 remediation exercises:

  • side lying hip raise
  • side lying clam shell
  • side lying leg raise
  • side plank
  • bird dog
  • leg raise
  • glute bridge
  • one-leg Romanian deadlift
  • calf raise
  • foam rolling to target piriformis
  • internal rotation of hip to strengthen gluteus medius and gluteus minimas

A number of physical therapists post videos on YouTube, if you want to get started that way.


This is all correct. You end up with a decent “closing” of that angle from your torso to your thigh because of the combined changes.

Also recognize that shifting the saddle back 30mm (quit a bit really) will effectively increase saddle height. So you are also stretching your legs more now. That in tandem with the bar drop are pretty big changes. It will likely take a bit of time to grow accustomed to it and may well require some additional work. Stretching, yoga, rolling and such (I offer no prescription) may be helpful along the way.

If you are intent on keeping the changes, you may need to “cheat” a bit by mixing the full position use with resting shorter on the bars a bit. Treat them like work and rest intervals to gradually get comfortable with the new position.

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Yes I have similar issues ( flat feet, tight calves, etc etc). I’m in pt now to work on some Achilles pain which requires me to do a lot of hip and glute exercises ( Many of those you noted below). My left glute is actually weaker than the right , but the right side is giving me more pain in the glutes/hip.

I’m just know seeing how much I was disengaged from my core so I’m working to correct that as well as the hips and glutes etc. my range of motion is pretty good but that doesn’t negate the weakness that I have.

Thanks for the suggestions!!

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Thanks DJ for translating lol! That makes a lot of sense.

Thanks chad! Appreciate the feedback! Will keep y’all posted on what the fitter says. I held off on following up bc I wanted to see how I’d acclimate but it’s definitely not getting better. Ironically it hurts le

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Hello. I stumbled on this thread as i am facing exactly the same issue although it only happens when i have the bike on the trainer at home and not rolling outside for some reason. If you don’t mind telling me how you handled it any tips from your end would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Same here. Having just recently put the bike back on the trainer, I’ve been experiencing hip pain on my left side.

  • The pain is deeper inside and high on my left thigh/hip, partially posterior as well in the gluteus medius area
  • I rarely experience this pain outdoors. And most of the time it’s when I’m spinning easier on the trainer (endurance watts) and not when doing sweetspot or higher intervals.
  • No change to fit - it’s current, last fit was 12mos ago.
  • The pain seems to resonate down my left thigh and ache around my knee. I thought it was perhaps IT band issues but now I’m thinking it’s more glute weakness related.

Looking for insights as well - thanks!

The turbo trainer highlights problems as your body remains in the same position for longer. On the road you will get out of the saddle more - to climb, avoid holes in the road, stop at junctions etc.