Hip pain advice

More of a grumble, but if anyone can offer encouraging words / advice, that would be great.

In the last 6 months I’ve developed hip pain in the left hip, which often keeps me awake at night after the evening TR workouts. This comes after having ACL replacements partial meniscus removal in the same knee about four years ago. I used TR to get fit after that surgery, lost 20KG doing 8+ hours per week. That knee still causes a lot of pain, but I work through it.

But now with the added hip pain it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay motivated. I’m doing physio to strengthen glutes and quads, etc. But it feels more arthritic in the actual hip joint, rather than muscular, although also significant ITB pain, occassionallly. Hip flexibility in that side is less than the good side.

Any thoughts welcome.

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