Hip pain when running


Just got from.a 30km run and the last couple of
K’s my hip or the where my hip seems tighten up any where to strengthen this ? Or is just run more it only happens on long runs I have the London marathon in April and I want to complete this time - last time I broke my leg at mile 25

Any tips or advice

Thanks gang

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30km is a distance so if the pain/tiredness is only coming near the end then I’d be looking at a combination of activation exercises with rubber bands and some foam rolling as an initial step.

Get physiotherapist to recommend some exercise/stretches as well as to ensure that you’re not doing long term damage by continuing to run.

Certainly look at a rest day or two after that long run, (if you’re not totally accustomed to that time on your legs).

I speak from a frustrating level of experience here :grin:

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My hips would start to hurt around 8-10 miles into runs. I just stretched the crap out of them several times a day and that fixed it for me.

Thank for the tips what stretches did you do ?

Mostly these 3.


You have to be careful with stretching the hips post injury. They are big strong muscles with big strong connective tissues. You need to be specific with where the pain is located and select your stretches and routines accordingly. I made my hip stability pain worse for a while using some ill advised stretches.

You arent specific in your post where the hip pain is, where it radiates to. It could be psoa tightness, could be pain in the other inner hip muscles, or it could be connective tissue. Is it front? is it back? is it inner?

Hip Anatomy Diagram

Trigger points in the glute medius and minimus are usually the cause as they stabilise the hip - also they are small and get weak easily. I can almost guarantee that if you lie on a tennis/lacrosse ball and move around at the top of the hip it will really hurt - look up glute trigger point releases on YouTube - always worked for me when I ran.


Thanks all for the advice and feed back

The pain is in the outer hip and feel like it’s “within” the hip joint itself

My wife say it’s the top of the thigh

I’d check out articles on your Greater Trochanter and specifically trochanteric bursitis.

Your Marathon is in April. Don’t waste your time with trying some random stretches or other treatments for such a complex system as your hip (especially if you are not sure if it’s not the hip but your thigh).
Maybe something is tight and stretching could help. But maybe it’s the exact opposite and you need to do strength work for your glutes (or something else).
Visit your doctor/physician for a fast approach! Don’t think, it’s not bad enough yet. Your training load will probably ramp up until April and if something’s wrong now, it can become really bad with more stress on your body.


It’s important not to gain an injury. Moreover, there could anything else (mild arthritis, etc) not only just “pain when running”. I would visit my doctor if I had this issue.
I’d recommend doing special massages and stretches (like was posted above or you may also find them on YouTube). I’ve heard that there could be many factors, even your mattress where you sleep. We’ve changed our old mattress on a new one because my boyfriend had problems with his hip in the past. Now everything is OK.
Also, some people recommend doing Epsom salt baths if you have hip pain (or other kinds of) https://www.healthline.com/health/epsom-salt-bath#bath. I’ve never tried them but maybe somebody can prove its benefit. I’d ask my doctor before doing this.

Get it checked and swap running for the cross trainer/bike/pool in the meantime. Don’t risk it.

Also, a hockey ball on the hip flexors, glutes and upper IT band can work wonders to loosen you up a bit.

I recommend doing some basic hip and butt PT. Get a resistance band and do monster walks and lateral walks. Use it do do clam shells. Do leg lifts. Do bridges. Look into dynamic warmups.

Hi all thanks so much for the hints and tips you guys are great

I went to see the phyo at work and he thinks it is just a muscle weakness and give me stuff to do for a few weeks and maybe reduce the length of my long run as it only comes on around the 18mile mark below that it’s ok

So I have ordered some bands and will be done the clam shells and leg raise with them

Hopefully that will fix it

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Thanks for the ideas. I am also tired of my hip after running 8 miles. So, I consulted with my doctor and he recommend to me to buy a new mattress because it may be a reason, I face a hip problem. So, after taking an idea from this site, I have bought a Helix Midnight LUXE mattress and now I feel so much better. Now, I can easily run 15 miles without facing any hip pain. And after running, I do exercise which you have shared in pictures.