Hip and pelvis position

Hi all,

Having recently suffered from a bit of hip pain during harder efforts I decided to try and diagnose the issue.
So far I have deduced I suffer from anterior pelvic tilt and could well suffer from weak glute activation; probably nothing new learned so far. However looking at trying to engage glutes and correct my position on the bike I’m finding contradicting information.

My current position on the bike tends to default to a level pelvis and a rolled back, coming from the waist. Listening to a recent podcast I remember @ambermalika mentioning about fingers in butts and a bit of searching on here came up with the advice of rolling pelvis forward and engaging those glutes, presumably tilting from the hips with a flatter back arch. I have tried this on a couple of recent rides and I can definitely feel a change in position of the seat bone placement. However I do remember why I defaulted to a level pelvis and that was from a coaching note from @chad on a workout; sorry I can’t remember the one but it was trying to think of your pelvis as a bowl of water and not trying to spill a drop. Next I decided to do some Googling and so far I have articles advocating each position.
Currently now I’m watching the pro’s racing and I keep looking at hip angles and pelvis tilt. There appears to be a mixture of positions with the pros and some look a lot smoother than others, but a majority appear to have a fairly level pelvis and then bend from the waist. Maybe just to ensure the sponsor logo on the bum looks good :wink:

All of this has got me asking:
Is there any advantage or disadvantage to each position?
Any science out there to back that up?
What position do others default to?
And why?


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Think I must have missed that one :hear_no_evil:


Episode 254 of the podcast Chad talks about flat back vs rounded back bike positioning. Very contentious topic.
It starts at about the 1hr 38min mark on Apple podcasts.

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