Help with outside TSS

I’ve been doing all of my workouts outside for the last month and have always come in much higher in TSS than the workout is calling for. The workout below was today’s workout, I turned a 68 TSS ride into an 86.
I started riding last August and came from a crossfit background, been doing LV plans and adding in workouts. FTP has gone up almost 50 watts in the last 6 months. I’m finding I’m turning SS workouts into Threshold workouts, the higher number in the power range I turn into my minimum power in my head and stay above it so I can see TSS being higher from that. These workouts are feeling really easy and my HR is not getting high at all. I’ve checked all my settings on wahoo, and calibrate my PM before each ride.
Going by the workout below are my numbers accurate or is something messed up?

When did you last test your FTP? If you have a power meter on your bike, did you use the same power meter for your test?

I’m asking because my immediate thought is that your FTP is too low. Whilst being able to turn a SS session into threshold is pretty impressive in its own right, it isn’t effective training. You run the risk of building up fatigue too quickly.

This is why - having a quick look at the first interval you’re at 95% of threshold. The workout from memory is 88-90%. IF for the workout is 0.83 and yours is 0.88. This is why your TSS is over. In terms of HR, it does look super low - whats your max? Last time you tested FTP?

I’m assuming you had been training indoors prior to taking it outside. I think the issue is that your outdoor ftp is higher than your indoor. I just recently got a power meter for my mtb & found my normal rides to be in the 1.05 IF range which they were not. I adjusted outdoor ftp based on RPE to get IF to match what I thought it should. Unfortunately, TR does not have provision for 2 different ftp. You will need to manually adjust it prior to training to get the proper target zones outside & change it back when you do an indoor workout.

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I last tested in mid February, I had just finished ssblv2 and this was all indoors. I started doing build, then got sick. I took a week and a half off the bike then due to being stuck inside could not bring myself to do build with no events lined up. Went back to base but have been mixing in long rides as well. My max heart rate is 182ish. I’m finishing up this plan next week and an going to retest, I think I’m gonna have an ftp bump or I’ve gotten good at ss and threshold.

I’ll definitely look into that, even at threshold it felt really easy, my heart rate was barely touching 140 for this workout. I had been doing my training indoors exclusively all winter unless we had a nice winter day for a long ride. Now that the weather is nice and being in Canada I can ride outside and have amazing flat roads with no stops to do workouts on.

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