Can I see my weight and FTP for a given ride on a given date?

Is there currently a way for me to look at a ride I did in 2016 and see what my recorded weight, FTP, w/kg were on that day within the TR software? The top right of the “Career” screen displays my current weight, FTP, and w/kg but I’m not sure how to track that metric across the sessions/rides within the app. Am I missing it on the session detail screens? Is there a table within the DB that logs my stats over time or are they static values on my profile that are overwritten, and not appended, when changed?

Does TR integrate with Apple’s Health Kit to allow me to auto upload my weight from my scale into TR?

Thanks again for the fantastic execution on training software. I feel like I’ve moved from Friendster to Facebook. :laughing:

You can see the FTP that each ride is set to, but not your weight. Only current weight is recorded.