Black tape covering heart rate

Anybody else cover the heart rate on their phone or tablet during a workout?

I want to record it, but don’t wanna know whilst in the middle of an interval.

I haven’t tested, but this is supposedly to be possible on Win and Mac. Hopefully it will be an option when they release the pending mobile app updates.

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Yes I do, HR can be a limiter.

I don’t have my Hr showing during a TT for this reason. Also less cognitive load is better for me.

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I’ve got use to looking for % max hr so when TR comes up with 175bpm etc my brain doesn’t process what % it is. By the time it gets to figures I can process I am going too hard to notice anyway. It also helps that 90% of the time I’m down in the TT position and can’t see it anyway :joy:
I can see my Garmin though and it does have max hr%. I like to look down at it when I don’t feel optimum and see something like a max HR % of eg 85% and be able to tell my self I can go harder. If I am going flat out I don’t process it either :+1:

I do this. Especially during a ramp test.

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I don’t hide it - I know exactly where it’s at, been training long enough…


While all I generally care about is holding my cadence during workouts, as ERG mode takes care of the power, I still like seeing my HR. I like to see the steady progression of it as I go through intervals. Not to mention, my HR correlates pretty good with my RPE. That said, in a race I’d never look at it.


Why use tape?


I have one screen with HR and one without, but all other fields the same, the one with HR for the good days, and the other one for the bad days!

Why not just set a screen up with or without HR? You can always scroll through the screens or with a wahoo hide them on the fly.

I run TR through my iPhone, and I suppose I’m technologically inefficient. therefore, I take a small strip of electrical tape, and cover the upper right corner of my phone, so I cannot see my HR.

I did this over the last training block, and it really seemed to work for me. With my HR not in view, I never got that sinking feeling that I’m overreaching. It just a mental thing for me.

Other options other than covering HR with black electrical tape?

I have a garmin 510 head unit, and a Garmin 920 watch…and only use an iPhone to run Trainerroad.

Why anyone would want to ride quite possibly a very valuable metric such as HR is odd to me. HR, while lagging behind, shows how one’s body is absorbing that workout or race. If I could tell you how many times I hear triathletes say they don’t know what happened in a race after a bad performance and they “held their power numbers” despite bad conditions, or nutritional mistakes. Relationships between all metrics one can have are so important especially in LONG races. The longer one goes, I would propose the more important HR is. It’s like riding with one eye closed.

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At first I thought this thread was about the blackness I feel in my heart. But that must be another thread.

I’m going to find someone to talk to over on the Joseph Conrad sub-Reddit


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I’m not talking about during a triathlon…and I participate in those…I’m talking about during a session like Mary Austin, Leconte, etc.

I don’t want to look down during the first 10 min of the first set during Mary Austin, and see my HR climbing. It gets into my head, and could possibly wreck what little confidence this 50 year old, father of two teenage daughters, has remaining.

As you can see above, the desktop versions of TR are addressing this, so my question isn’t too far off in left field.

FWIW, I’ve been tracking HR for almost 20 years, and fully recognize its importance during training and racing (especially in long course triathlon). I simply don’t need to know in the middle of a tough workout. I was curious if anyone else has this same issue.


My heart is black as coal (it’s the holiday season, after all), but yes, that’s another thread.