Hey Nerds...Welcome to The Circus

Nothing about TrainerRoad specifically here, just introducing myself…

I’m Steven, I’m friends with all the guys and girls at TrainerRoad, @Nate and @chad’s personal bike builder and mechanic and Coach @Jonathan’s cohost on the MTB Podcast.


I wouldn’t advertise being Nate’s mechanic without some sort of disclaimer.


I can confirm @TheStevenLewis has the best sparkle bike I’ve ever seen in person. Ever. :slight_smile:


Hi Steven… @Jonathan has a MTB podcast?

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@craigmanning I do all the builds and major stuff…Nate forgets to tighten his stem bolts on the TT bike all on his own! :joy:


It’s a fun little side thing we do, it’s been quite the learning experience…search for “MTB Podcast” on iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or whatever platform you use. Nate is kind enough to let us record in the TrainerRoad office and he is actually a big fan of our little podcast!

Hi! I’ve been following the MTB Podcast since 2017 and its what led me to TR. :sunglasses:

@TheStevenLewis just need to get BAE to join the forum. :grinning:


I was hesitant to jump on the forum, but now that I know @TheStevenLewis is here I am much excite!

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Serious…where is she???

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