Help with wheelset & Black Friday Deals

I have a Hed Jet+ 6/9 set for triathlon. I do sprints and 70.3. I wanted to get a 6 rear to use for everyday use and pull out the 9 rear for races. I saw a crazy good deal today on a front 9, and bought it, and the rear 6.

I am wondering if I should just cancel the front 9 and sell the rear 9 and buy a disc? This would all be for rim brake. I at some point (3 years or so) look to get the new Trek SC disc version, but not in the cards for the next few years.

Here is my question, as I will now own a JET 6 combo and Jet 9 combo:

What time differences am I looking at for a 70.3 between the following wheel choices?


Get a wheel cover instead of a disc…all the aero benefit, none of the extra cost.

Only downside…no WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP from a disc.




I run a 9/disc Wouldn’t change it. Looks and feels sick, and pretty quick.

Got a trispoke front for when I’m feeling fancy too lol

Times, you won’t save MASSIVE amounts, and you COULD get a wheelbuilder aero jacket, but I love having an actual dedicated wheel.

I ran a wheel cover for a couple of years…but bought a Zipp disc anyway solely because of the WHOMP.

Yep…I’m that shallow. :crazy_face:


I might just sit tight. I’d love to buy the rear disc, but if I only race 5 times a year, then I’d be shelling out a lot for the disc if I only use for 3ish years. Im trying to pace myself, but realize that most of us are type A and we can pretty much justify any of our frivolous spending.

is there a commercial wheel cover for disc brakes?
All ive seen are for rim brakes or DIY for disc…

I dont race enough to justify the expense.

I have not trid a wheel cover with disc brakes, but I would think a regular one would be OK. You’ll need to remove the disc first, but the cutout should be large enough to go over the hub at that point.

if not, I had the guys at WheelBuilder punch out the hub hole to fit a PowerTap hub. I’m sure they could do the same for a disc brake hub if necessary.

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The Whomp Whomp is worth 50W on it’s own!


Not used them myself, but ezdisc did turn up when I did an earlier search. Disc Covers - EZDisc

Haven’t pulled the trigger myself, as there is more low hanging aero fruit to be picked yet.

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