Full disc wheel

I intend to upgrade my Canyon Speedmax with a full disc. Between the HED Jet Plus and the Vision Metron SL, which one is the better wheel? Or is the Zipp Super 9 the best option and worth the significantly higher price?

Aerodynamically, there won’t be huge differences…both the HED and Zipp wheels are among the best. I have not seen any data on the Vision wheels, it I’m sure any difference is pretty negligible.

That said (and this can be critical), the Jet wheel is a traditional spoke / rim structure with a carbon fairing over it. It will NOT produce the “whomp whomp whomp” sound of a traditional disc wheel.

I used to use a wheel cover over my 404, but ended up buying a Zipp because I “needed” the whomp. :sunglasses:

Is one tubeless? Given how I’ve got on with Tubeless it’s a must for me but with other folk it’s a must not :wink:

That’s pretty much the only reason to buy a disc over a wheel cover. And it’s a pretty good reason.


I can really recommend the AEOX Discs made by aero coach, the slightly heavier version is also rather affordable (https://www.aero-coach.co.uk/store/AeroCoach-AEOX®-carbon-clincher-tubeless-road-disc-wheel-p200772042). Aerodynamically, it is certainly among the fastest out there, otherwise Ineos Grenadiers wouldn’t be using them “un-branded” (meaning they have to pay for these).

The Vision comes with a tubeless option

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I went with the Vision. It is light and I’m 20-40s consistently faster on a 10mi TT course. So I guess it was worth the investment. It’s full carbon and makes some good noise. Not the real whomp, though. I’ll need a Zipp at some point. :smiley:


Two main considerations within a price category should be width and weight. I don‘t think there is that much of a difference between discs in terms of speed. The Roval and the Aerocoach are certainly super light, tubeless compatible and wide enough for modern tires.
But either choice, including Vision, HED, ZIPP, ENVE will be a significant upgrade over any other rear wheel.

No, no, no…the ONLY consideration is Whomp or No Whomp. That’s it…since there is no meaningful speed difference, the only thing that matters is the Whomp.


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My man. :sunglasses:

And what wheels whomp well? I only know the 321.

Zips have great whomp…and Hed Stingers…basically any full carbon construction disc. Wheels that only have a carbon fairing over a traditional spoke build (HED Jet, FLO) don’t whomp