Full disc wheel

I intend to upgrade my Canyon Speedmax with a full disc. Between the HED Jet Plus and the Vision Metron SL, which one is the better wheel? Or is the Zipp Super 9 the best option and worth the significantly higher price?

Aerodynamically, there won’t be huge differences…both the HED and Zipp wheels are among the best. I have not seen any data on the Vision wheels, it I’m sure any difference is pretty negligible.

That said (and this can be critical), the Jet wheel is a traditional spoke / rim structure with a carbon fairing over it. It will NOT produce the “whomp whomp whomp” sound of a traditional disc wheel.

I used to use a wheel cover over my 404, but ended up buying a Zipp because I “needed” the whomp. :sunglasses:

Is one tubeless? Given how I’ve got on with Tubeless it’s a must for me but with other folk it’s a must not :wink:

That’s pretty much the only reason to buy a disc over a wheel cover. And it’s a pretty good reason.


I can really recommend the AEOX Discs made by aero coach, the slightly heavier version is also rather affordable (https://www.aero-coach.co.uk/store/AeroCoach-AEOX®-carbon-clincher-tubeless-road-disc-wheel-p200772042). Aerodynamically, it is certainly among the fastest out there, otherwise Ineos Grenadiers wouldn’t be using them “un-branded” (meaning they have to pay for these).

The Vision comes with a tubeless option

I went with the Vision. It is light and I’m 20-40s consistently faster on a 10mi TT course. So I guess it was worth the investment. It’s full carbon and makes some good noise. Not the real whomp, though. I’ll need a Zipp at some point. :smiley: