Rear Disc Wheel Recommendations

I’m in the market for a rear disc wheel for my TT bike (2019 Speed Concept), and am looking for recommendations. Preferably I would like to keep the purchase sub $1,500.00. If possible I’d also like to run tubeless, although I know with this price point, I am looking at a lot of second hand options and that may not be possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m not in a huge hurry, and am willing to wait for the right wheel, especially with no resumption of racing in sight.


@donlee Given Flo compare their disc with a “Mavic Open pro” wheel, I can only assume that they do NOT want to be compared with any other disc wheel. That comparison is so meaningless. It is not even against a deep section wheel. I would be highly suspicious.

@cnigro Aerocoach do good disc wheels and they aero test things thoroughly. Their Aeox is just over £1000 It is tubeless and there is good aero data and Crr data using various tyre combinations. Their blog and videos are worth a read. (I have no connection, apart from Friends who are very successful TTers strongly recommending their wheels). They do ship internationally.

There have been plenty of real world tests of the FLO disc vs. their own deep rim wheels and other disc wheels. It tests right up there and any differences are essentially “in the grass”.

That said, I can’t vote for the FLO wheel because you don’t get the super-sexy “whomp whomp whomp” sound from it. Gotta have the “whomp” if you are gonna ride a disc wheel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only looked at the web page you pointed us at and thought - “ummmm… That is not a useful comparison.” But as you say, no "whooop… whooop… whooop… " and why bother! :slight_smile:

My understanding is that most disc wheel are all pretty much of a muchness. The air is so disturbed by the time it reaches them that they are all basically doing a similar job. So in part it comes down to looks, and wheel rim, brake tyre/tyre choice… and budget/finding a bargain. A mate joked (I think that was his tone) that he spent £1000 on a new disc and it might have saved him one watt!

Personally I have used a, second hand, FFWD full carbon tubular for the past two seasons and have been very happy with it. Shod with conti podium for first season, and conti competition for second as I was doing much longer TTs and wanted to avoid puncture/DNF. Tyre lasted over 37 races from 10s to 12hr…

Thanks for the input!

So I am fairly naive but the difference between the flo disc and others is that the flo dis is a spoked wheel with the aero covering, versus a solid disc right? Is there any performance difference?

Correct, the construction is different…any performance difference is marginal.

But the “whomp” has been unscientifically proven to add 10w. :sunglasses:


… and intimidate any people you overtake… :slight_smile:


OK, to be (almost serious).

  1. I know some people who simply attach after market disc covers to a deep section wheel. It works for them.
  2. Frankly, I have no idea whether a (fixed) cover on a spoked wheel is any different to a “solid” wheel (which is probably where the disc material is structural, rather than cosmetic). I suspect stiffness, aerodynamics and weight all play some part, but putting something meaningful on that… who knows. You would have to read some meaningful reviews.

I would suggest that more important is rim and tyre width, can it fit in your frame, does it allow you to run the tyres you want (with their Crr) and puncture resistance, and do those tyres sit well on the rim (see the aerocoach articles about tyre and rim width comparibility). …and can you afford it…

The bigger issue for me was having a similar rim width set of training wheels that were also carbon rimmed so that I did not have to muck about changing brake pads or adjusting brakes between training and racing (and it also meant if I had a last minute blow out I could always drop another wheel in with minimal hassle). That seems to me a real world practicality, rather than a theoretical “is this stiffer/faster/better than that” question? But that is just me…


…and “pmohw” when you are overtaken? :rofl:

Yeah, great point…Aerojacket wheel covers from Wheel Builder are a great, low-cost alternative to a full disc. Almost all of the aero benefits at a fraction of the cost. I raced numerous 70.3 and a full IM on one.

I eventually bought a Zipp disc wheel literally because I wanted the “whomp”. :rofl: Found a good deal on a used PowerTap version and dropped the $$ on it out of vanity. :man_shrugging:

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I got a custom made cover from a guy on eBay who turned out to live real close, cost less than £50 and looked very good. However it was a bit unreliable as the zip ties around the spokes weren’t very secure and the electrical tape connecting to the rim would peel quite often. I ended up throwing them out

I’ve got a HED Jet+ Disc and it’s similar to the Flo construction as in a regular aluminum wheel with a non structural carbon fairing. HED was one of the first ones to do this and has been around a lot longer than FLO has.

Both are good but I believe the HED is a bit lighter than a FLO (in the past they have been but can’t say for sure now).

It sadly doesn’t do the whomp sound. I’m tempted at times to just fill the cavity with a can or two of spray foam to make it “solid” to get that whomp whomp sound.

Aero disk covers get you to within 1% or better aero performance compared to a dedicated disc wheel for a fraction of the cost. But can be a pita to deal with if you swap it in/out frequently. I’ve seen people who made their own disc wheel by using a cheap rear wheel and cutting/gluing to their own disc over and then filled it with spray foam to get the whomp sound. I’ve thought about doing that for fun too actually since I spent a period learning to wheel build…still might do it for fun because I’m getting board not having a diy projects currently.

Another one to consider is. Renn 555 disc as it is full structural carbon I believe at a fraction of the cost of a zipp disc. It isn’t lenticular shaped and is flat. But the speed difference isn’t very much and for some frames this shaped disc actually tests faster in a wind tunnel. I think the speedy concept might be one of them (you’d have to do some poking around Slowtwitch to confirm as I don’t recall exactly and can’t quickly find it).

I did find an older thread on here for budget disc wheels…check it out.

@cnigro Came across this review of four rear disc wheels. Make of it what you will…

Or you can make your own cover (Yes really!) …but I would not recommend it…

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I am not crafty/handy whatsoever so making my own is completely out of the question. Plus the speed concept is not compatible with the aero jacket wheel covers, so I’m worried about clearance.

I’ve actually been looking into the aero coach disc wheels and think that is where I am leaning, unless I find a really good second hand deal.

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I woulda said planetX but I don’t see a disc wheel in their inventory just now.

But The Pros Closet definitely has some discs available at reasonable prices.

Yeah my P4 has a very limited range for what discs will fit. I used the Renn 555 last year and it’s a great wheel to use.

Home made seems a bodge on a nice bike. Having a proper disc seems the way to go. It inspires confidence and you are never left wondering “Is this slower than a proper one?”

I have a Flo disk and 60 front.
Looks great, is fast, was cheap…but no woomp woomp.

Although it does sound like there is a helicopter following you high in the sky. It baffled me for a long time on my first TT until I worked it out :joy::see_no_evil: