Wheels for Triathlon

Hi. Looking for wheel recommendations for triathlon. I’m using my road bike, Focus Izalco with redshift post and bars set up. I’m currently running a pair of Giant SL1 deep secions with alloy braking rim. The hubs are shot, I don’t think it’s that economical to replace and rebuild but am open to it. That’s the reason for buying new wheels, but I would obviously like an upgrade at the same time :slight_smile: :grinning:

I am a bog standard mop athlete doing mainly 70.3. 81kg, mostly ride rolling or hilly UK triathlons. I want ideally to train and race on the same wheels as I don’t want the expense or hassle of 2 wheelsets. Bike is rim brake, QR, prefer clinchers.

Finally, I don’t want to break the bank - max maybe around £800 for the set. Looking for recommendations.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Based on that price criteria, I’d look at FLO or maybe Hunt.

Alternatively, since you want rim brake wheels, look for used wheels. Should be a lot of guys dumping wheels at good prices as the world shifts to discs.

+1 to this

I’m a pretty decent fan of Hunt wheels. Great value. I have 2 sets, but haven’t tried their TT wheels.

+2 on the FLO recommendation - I have a set of the original 60/90 and love them for my tri bike. FLO does sell some used wheels from time to time on their website so you can look there. Also, look on Slowtwitch they have a classified forum, wheels come up all on the time.

Are you allowed to use a disc wheel?

Yeah but a disc is not really practical for training in the UK.

Thanks for the recommendations so far. Hunt are attractive as UK based but I prefer the Flo branding. I’m going to have a good look at both.

Why isn’t a disc „practical for training“? Have you ever ridden a disc wheel?

Yes I have. Had a disc wheel for years on my tt bike. I don’t want a disc for training with in all weather’s on the crappy Scottish roads.

Okay, I live near the North Sea Coast in Germany and it is extremely windy and rainy here. I rode 5‘000k this year on the TT bike, 5‘000k of which were with a disc wheel. For training I use chunkier and more puncture resistant tires and change them out for race day tires.
Everyone has their own preferences, but the last thing I‘d sell on my TT bike is the rear disc. The added stability is the best thing about it. This thread here was quite interesting: https://forum.slowtwitch.com/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Triathlon_Forum_F1/When_is_it_too_windy_for_a_disc_/_wheelcover_P2974417

Hmm maybe I need to open my mind to it. I don’t even have a tri bike anymore though it seems a bit extreme for an adapted road bike! Thanks for posting that link I’ll check it out.

Also it was an old tub disc I was riding so maybe that effected my opinion from a maintenance pov. Actually the more I think about it it was an old tub that would only take 23 tyres. Maybe a modern disc that could take a decent sized tyre and be changed on the road would be ok. But what about running that on a road bike? Maybe I shouldn’t care. I love riding the redshift system,


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Get a wheel cover instead of a disc…that way you can ride just regular wheels when training and put the wheel cover on for races.

It is also a good idea. However, the only reason for me to ever drop the rear disc is if rules prohibit it.
The sentiment that rear discs are trouble in the wind is an old myth.

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Oh, no arguments from me on that one. Been saying the same thing for years.

That said, I personally don’t like riding a disc unless it is a race, or an equipment shakeout ride. A lot of it, no doubt is vanity (don’t want to be “that” guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), some of it is just saving my race wheels for race day and feeling fast and some ef it is preserving my race tires (my tri / TT wheels are tubs)

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A few months ago, I would have said Hunt, but I’ve had issues with the bearings, and it seems I’m not alone (look at the Hunt thread). It probably depends on the wheel, but mine and others don’t seem to be able to cope with rain. Not what you need in Scotland! Plus a club mate of mine now had two sets of alu Hunt wheels crack around the spokes. I do like them, and was keen on supporting a UK brand, but I’ll buy something else next time.

I’ve heard some bad things about hunt. Allergy to rain not so good in Scotland :joy:

I’m tempted to try Flo their offerings look good. Prime also may be worth a punt I’m sure basic Chinese carbon backed up by warranty.

Honestly decent wheels just seem eye watering expensive

I agree with novemberdelta about the rains. I would suggest keeping an eye on the weather and prepare accordingly. Use a professional service like Climacell or Weatherbit instead of relying on generic apps and websites. Covers sound less expensive than new wheels, especially for training. Good luck!

That was the name of my third band.

Anything vaguely aero will do, wheels arent your biggest cost/benefit investment. I managed to get Campag carbon 80s for under £500 in a sale a few years back, so my tip is to go for donething that isnt “desireable”. Everyone wants 50s or rear disc and disk braking at the moment, so something “not quite” will give you almost the same but cheaper.