Help with VIRB Edit data syncing problem

Has anyone had and solved this problem? I need some help.

I’m trying to sync data with a video in VIRB Edit. The arrows to step the data timeline in “Step 2” don’t do anything. I’m referring to these circled arrows:

I’ve been able to work around this issue by dragging the marker on the timeline with my mouse for shorter data files (crits), but I’m trying to sync a nearly four hour long data file and each pixel that I drag the marker jumps the data file forward/back by 13 seconds and that’s not granular enough to line it up with the video.

I’m using VIRB Edit version 5.4.3 on a PC which I think is the only one readily available for download.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, the UI sucks. All my videos are cx, so < under an hour and I can get pretty close. I’ve always suspected there’s a file somewhere that this is stored. Lemme preface, you’re not gonna like this answer: I haven’t tested it, so this is just enough to get you started, but there are a bunch of “video.xml” files squirreled away under your windows profiles appdata path. Find the right one for this video/project, and there are some sync timestamps in there. It looks like it records the outright GMT of the start from the data file, not the “h:mm:ss” offset you see in the UI.

I suggest setting something close in the UI… within 13s as you note is possible… close virbedit… locate and open the proper video.xml file… save a backup of this file, this totally won’t work… now change the timestamp some seconds up or down (and there is a 2nd time format in there in “ticks”… I bet that needs to be updated in sync… google will probably help with translation)… save… reopen virbedit. See if it got x-seconds closer or further, and repeat the process until you nail it!

Wow, I get what you’re saying but it’s beyond my technical abilities to try it. So you’re right, I don’t like it. :grin:

Kudos to you, though. Thanks!

So do those step buttons in “Step 2” not work for anybody?

Oh, yeah the buttons… it’s been a while since I did one but I think 30 clicks moves you a second. So it kinda works, but is super tedious and the UI doesn’t show you anything to suggest the sub-second is changing.

My buttons don’t work at all. I’ve clicked 200+ times and it doesn’t budge even one second.

I think the buttons on only one side ever work for me? Curious… The video is 10 min, but the telemetry is like 4 hours. Can you run the telemetry through a 3rd party tool to trim off the ends so you have a much shorter telemetry file? Then the UI might work better with the mouse and slider.

Good idea! I actually have an hour of video (GoPro divides them into a little pieces and you need to stack them together to get the full length and sync each piece to the telemetry file), but even trimming the data file to one hour would be a big help. I’ll look into that. Thanks!