Garmin date and time wrong - how to fix the file?

So for some reason Garmin thought that my morning ride (which i started at 6:30 AM) was actually started at 21:00 last night. Note, it normally gets the time right and I have the correct time zone selected in the device settings, so it’s not that. Not sure what it was.

So of course, it comes into all linked applications (e.g., TR, TrainingPeaks) as yesterday’s ride.

In trainingpeaks, I manually moved it to today, so at least history would make sense, and I get this charming result:

anybody know how to fix this? It doesn’t really matter but it’s weird.

I had to use this once:

How I found it - Strava didn’t accept .fit file when manually uploading and thoughtfully provided a link to this support article:

along with the error message.

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in addition to fit file tools, I would file a support ticket with Garmin. Maybe they can tell you more about the upload to Garmin Connect and what specifically is wrong. I would wait for support to respond and then fix it later (on Garmin connect).

For TP, Strava, etc. use the fit file tools and then re-upload to that service.

ah, thanks guys

FWIW in my case it happened 4years ago on a 520. The ride ended and didn’t appear on Strava but was on TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, and other platforms. So I tried manually uploading and got the error with pointer to support article. Before trying to fix, I looked at ride in TP and realized the last 20 minutes of 2 hr ride had jumped ahead by 18 hours. That tool fixed the time stamps of last 20 minutes. :+1:t3: