Help with juggling plans, rest weeks and races

After a month off due to a knee injury (hit a badger on the MTB and tore my knee up) in October. I’ve come back and worked harder than ever, fitting in training around work, life and everything in between. It’s the best and most consistent I’ve ever trained- averaging 350-550 TSS a week and following both low volume SS base phases with additional rides etc.
I had a rest week between base and my next build phase last week- with my first CX race at the end of the week (what a buzz that was) I went really well and felt fantastic, so want to keep it going. I have my first road race March 2nd- and am unsure how to approach my build phase training so as not to feel really fatigued for the race (I have made that mistake far too many times to remember and it’s a goal to prepare better for races this season).

So- do I have 2 weeks of being off plan, racing on Zwift, doing intervals in a similar vein to SS base and tapering very slightly in the week building to the race? It isn’t an ‘A’ race- but likewise I’d like to do as best I can.

Or do I just start Build tomorrow- hit a ramp test, and carry on with perhaps a few days taper before the race?

I think I’ve answered my own question there, having written all that, but would welcome any helpful advice!



You hit a badger??!! Jeez! :sweat_smile:

This is by far your best bet. You want to be constantly progressing your fitness with the training plan, and the work you do between now and that first road race doesn’t just impact that one, but all the races you’ll do in the season. Take a look at this article from our Help Center for a bit more info on how to taper slightly for races throughout your season:

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Yeah- at over 20mph on a flint downhill. Not ideal hahaha.

Thanks for the link- perfect!

Ouchhhh! I’ve had a similar knee injury, it took months to heal since there’s really not a lot of skin there to stitch together. Glad you’re back on the bike!

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