HELP - Shin Splints from indoor riding! Anyone had similar?

Despite never having Shin Splints whilst i ran for 7+ years i have developed some bad pain in my right shin. (anterior about 1/4 way up lower leg).

Fortunately got diagnosed by 2 Dr’s … who thankfully ruled out tendon complications BUT i was wondering if anyone on here had suffered similar problems and if so if there were any tweaks to cleat postiion/pedal tension etc etc that helped ?

I think i maybe just overdid the TSS and got a little over tired but any anecdotal info would be hugely appreciated!

thanks in advance! :0

Have had the same problem this year. Would love to find an answer. I power through it as it is not to bad while riding but really bothers me when finished.

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yes i found i could power through a little … but taking a few days off now

did it just disappear eventually ?

keeping my fingers crossed … !!

No still bothered by it. Last week of SSB MV next week. Hope the lower intensity will make it disappear. I fear it will be even worse once I start SSB MV2

bizarrely that’s where mine struck!

but i have done SBB all the way through x 2 with no issues before so i can’t work out where i’ve gone wrong!

First though would be to check cleat fore-aft position and associated saddle height.

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thanks chad - weird thing is nothing has changed in my set up for months and had no probs - i guess must be overtraining … plus tight calves :frowning:

v frustrating especially as its such a ‘running’ injury haha

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Are you doing any strength training along with the SSB MV1?

I had 3 weeks off the bike after a crash (thankfully minor) a couple months ago, and when I started training again my lower knee flared up (I’ve had Osgood Schlatter’s and shin splints since high school). Having dealt with this for years, I knew the feeling was due to over-training. More specifically in my case reintroducing too much weight during strength training sessions too soon. Dialed back the intensity a bit, and it lingered for another week, but hasn’t bothered me since.

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v interesting ! as i have just started reintroducing heavy lifting similar to what happened to you! deadlift / single leg squat etc …

so that is v telling …

i am taking 4 days off now … can i ask you - did you just do recovery rides or did you find some easy aerobic (pettit/baxter) or sweet spot sessions OK?

really appreciate your help! thanks :sunglasses::+1:

It was early in SSB MV1, and the SS sessions were still okay for me so I just stuck with the plan. Hope this recovery period works out for you :+1:t5:

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I find that my riding position indoors can be different from my outdoor position - so it’s worth checking in with your bike fitter about the problem. We just don’t spend as much time moving the bike and getting up and out of the saddle or doing a lot of other natural outdoor motions when doing trainer rides. I wish you luck - sounds annoying, and definitely something to get under control before it derails your goals.


thank you! good idea about checking in with bike fitter whilst using trainer as i do so many hours it! will reach out next week! thank you!

thank you very much! do you have any tips that worked for you to aid recovery? stretches / strength / ice etc etc ?

thanks again !