Help setting up Favero Assioma pedals with TR iOS app, Tacx vortex smart trainer and Garmin edge 1030

Hi there

I wonder if someone can please give me a dummies guide to how to set up my new favero assioma pedals with my gear so that I can train ‘normally’ and get the data I want from my various bits of gear.

I have honestly tried to read and understand the various posts on here and on the TrainerRoad site about what to do but none of it makes sense to me. So I clearly need to be told do this, do that etc in words of one syllable please!

I have managed to calibrate the pedals I think but when I’ve tried to ride the power thru the pedals seems to be 20% or more different (lower) than what is apparently coming from the Tacx vortex and it really doesn’t feel like it’s in erg mode even tho I think it is meant to be. …

Please help!

You might need to be a bit more specific but when setting up the pedals:

  1. Initially pair them to the Favero app on your phone and make sure they show up fine.
  2. When opening TR, you can go to the devices section. You should see your pedals there as well. There might be two options, depending on if you have an ANT+ dongle or not.
  3. When you pair your pedals to TR, you will see a green box/highlight around the device. This indicates it’s paired.
  4. Once paired, click on your pedals to make sure the “Use Cadence Only” box is NOT checked. If this is checked, TR will not use the power from the pedals.
  5. If you gave a Tacx, then this device should also be paired and I believe there is a “Use Powermatch” box or some sort in there when you click on the device.
  6. Now both your trainer and pedals should be paired. You can also pair your pedals to the Garmin separately the way you pair any other device to it. DON’T pair the pedals and the trainer. You only need one here.
  7. If you want to test things, do a free ride option in TR and ensure the power numbers match between Garmin and TR (assuming the pedals are paired to both).
  8. You can then pick a workout and test. On the bottom bar, you should see an option that shows “Erg”, indicating the paired smarttrainer is in ERG mode. You can then do the workout.
  9. Assuming it is set up properly, you will see the actual power line (yellow) on the screen likely hovering around the power target. This should indicate ERG is working fine as you should be close to the power target but not holding EXACTLY it. If the yellow line is exact to the target, it means you’re pulling power data from your trainer.