Workout was not saved

I did my Carson Workout as part of the SS-Base today but the workout was not saved. I ended the workout as usual but did not clicked the button ‘Analyse Online’ what I usually do after the workout. Can this be the reason?

Is it possible to recover the workout? Is there a temp file or so?


Are you using the desktop app, or mobile? Have you closed and reopened the app to see if the ride is recovered?


I am using the desktop App. Reopening did the job. Thanks!


Not sure if it is worth putting this here but for the sake of adding more experience in case this is a real bug…
My GF has had a few rides in the past couple weeks where this has happened. Ride goes fine, ends the ride and saves, then clicks ‘Analyze Ride’ and it pulls up an error screen. Then after reopening the desktop app it syncs and appears online.

This morning after my ride the Mac app “rolled back” to a previous version. The Release Notes cited some users not being able to access the Device Pairing screen. Maybe there are additional bugs?

Once in the past I also had a ride not upload. It turned out that the comms from the app to TR’s servers were slow for some reason and I closed the app before it could upload. I always wait to ensure that the Analyze Ride button is available before closing TR. You don’t have to click on it, but they do use it as a subtle indicator that your ride has been uploaded.

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Hit up support! They can help! :+1: