Workout Sync problem


On my Huawei P30 running on Android 10. I sometimes run into the issue that it loses bleutooth connection to my Wahoo Kickr core, Garmin S3 power pedals and my Wahoo Tickr heart rate sensor.

When this happens the only way to reastablish bleutooth connection is to restart my phone. To do so I select ‘end workout’ in TR and then click on ‘save & end workout’. Then after rebooting my phone I’m usually able to continou the workout from the point where I stopped.

This morning I had this problem again however after restarting my phone I did find a label saying that I had done 34 minutes of Joe Devel +1 giving me 35 TSS but when I select the workout the ride summary is empty and there is also no possibility to continou the workout.

To still sort of finish my workout I decided to follow up this half workout wiht Joe Devel -5.

After finishing my training I noticed that my half ride also won’t sync to or Strava. In order to make up for the missing TSS on I decided to manually add a 34 min ride with a TSS of 35.

Is there still a way to retrieve my half workout from this morning? Or could it be that I restarted my phone to quickly after saving my workout which caused some sort of error and corrupted my save file?


Hey! Sorry you’re dealing with this. First and foremost, it’s not a bad idea to reach out to the support team so they can look at your internal ride log, your software versions, check for firmware updates, or any settings/power-saving modes on your phone that may be causing those dropouts. It’ll be good to isolate the cause of the dropouts and preventing them from happening in the furture, but they can also help with reinstating deleted rides in some cases!
Feel free to email them at and they’ll sort you out. Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks allot for the tip! I will send them an email.