Help on season planning

Hi guys,

I’m planning my 2019 season and got stumbled on this situation:

My main goal (A) is a 70.3 on August 4th, where I’m targeting a 4h30. I plan to do another 70.3 (B) before this one, on April 28th.

I’ll start my Base next month, November 26th and I’ll have a 12-14 day break for a trekking trip between January 26th and february 6th.

I’m thinking on doing the Mid Volume Half Base until my break, then the High Volume Half Base followed by Build and Specialty. There will be a week to fill in this process that I don’t know what to do.


  1. Should I go with High Volume first before my break and then move do Medium (or vice versa).
  2. Should I fill the 1 week with another base, build or speacilty week? Wich one exactly?
  3. The Half Distance Plan is what I shoud look for? Since I’m not using the swim/run portion of the plan? Or can I use the sweet spot base plan before my break to mix things up and then move to the half distance plan?

Please note that I’m only using the bike portion of the plans and bike is my best discipline.

I like to leave a “blank” week in my plan in case something gets moved or out of schedule (and it usually does) so I can help keep the end of my training on focus. Another option is, and I know that everyone likes to have all of the blanks and unknowns filled in but thats just it, when the time arrives you will have a better feel for what that week is needed for…

Thats perfect. Nailed it.

What about using the half plan VS using the standard sweet spot base?