Help needed: serious saddle sore after new saddle

About a year ago, I had crotch numbness. Figured I want an “open saddle”. So my LBS fitted me a Pro Stealth saddle. They measured the width I needed, which turns out to be the widest. Indeed, I have wide butt and my sitbones are relatively far apart. I look more like somebody who trains legs very often (weighing 80 kilo’s, heavy boned but only 10% fat), more than a “tiny compact” person who climbs mountains all days.

EDIT: I should note that when my saddle was changed, I also had a bike fit BEFORE and AFTER that. BEFORE, it revealed I had a pressure spot on the left, and that I needed a wider saddle AND a spacer on my cleats (had minor knee injury, left leg bit shorter or hip a bit higher than right). AFTER new saddle, pressure spot was gone, and distribution initially looked even on my new saddle.

Last 6 months, I have been dealing with a serious saddle sore that always comes back in the exact same spot. And that is where my left sit bone touches one of the support bars under the saddle. That is, the point where the saddle start folding downwards. I have never had this with my previous saddle, which I have had for over 10 years.

Training has not been fun for the last month because of it. It is driving me insane and I do not know what to do. But since training is all about persistence and perceived exertion, I just pushed through. I just wanted to get that power down. But this is really becoming too much for me to bear.

Also, I noticed that newer bibs have smaller/narrower padding, often just on the line of where the saddle sore is.

So I have three questions:

(1) Any tips generally?

(2) What saddle (brand) would you recommend for men with wide hips / butt / sit bones.

(3) What kind of bibs would you recommend? I am almost thinking just buy the right Assos just to see how a great bib “should feel” and buy more affordable ones after that.

Have you try chamois cream?

I would look for a bike shop with at least 30 day exchange policy.
I know specialized and trek have at least 30 days to try.

I have good experiences with both brands of saddles.
I have big hips and found success with the Specialized Power Comp saddle.
The double nose design dont work well for me.

Some options that are a similar concept of the snub nose saddle are:

I had a friend, larger guy, that liked the concept of the Power, but the nose was too wide and rubbed (a bit like you are describing). He now has the Aeolus, and says its the best saddle he has ever used (in 20 years of riding). Not saying it will work for you, but that the new design saddles can be similar, and still not work in all cases. Maybe one of these other takes can work better for you. All are available in Wide options.

Saddles… That subject is tough. On the In door trainer, i ride a different saddle than i would ever ride outdoors. I started with the same and ended up with well infection at the pressure point… The poison and pus well not pretty. I Ride now The Fizik Alainte VSX has 20mm extra padding, comes in various width and has a narrow mid grove. Recommend Assos shorts, but have ridden them for years so have loads of old shorts for indoor training, that not too worn out, plenty wide as well. Also always…always cream when indoor. Also, in the rest valley, I always stand and pedal for at least 2 min, long intervals i stand in the valley for the minute going into those 20-30 min efforts.

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I struggled with an uncomfortable saddle, so I built a rocker plate for the indoor trainer. Much better.

As for larger chamois bibs… I just got these 2 and they are awesome. I like a bigger chamois.

Lastly, along the way, someone recommended washing your “sit area” with a soap with Salycylic (sp?) Acid. Its acne face wash. I started doing it and I think it has helped. Its usually in a little pump bottle in the facial soap at the grocery.


Could be the saddle but could be something else. I’ve had some persistent saddle sores when spending a lot of time on the trainer. Based on various threads here, I did switch from a Specialized Power to a Pro Stealth, but I think the real key has been wiping up the area with an alcohol wipe as soon as getting off the bike. That’s been miraculous.

Thanks for all the input. I will come back to this, but I have some crazy work days so I can’t now.

But I think I figured out at least the source of my terror. The Pro Stealth does not wrap around the top material back inside as most classic shaped saddles do (ProLogo, Fizik, etc). Instead, it suddenly stops, basically meaning you are sitting on edges instead of curves. On top of that. the top material meets the plastic rails. So in my case, I am sitting directly on these plastic rails instead of “more saddle”. Look at the pictures:

Unfortunately, it seems that the Pro-stealth way of NOT wrapping around and stopping somewhere and then having a rail is “in fashion” currently, whatever brands I look at. This is not promising…

Classic saddle:

I rode a Stealth for years. Try lowering the saddle by a very small amount (5mm-ish) and see how it feels. I agree with your ^^^ assessment about the wrapping…

That’s a great idea, thanks!

Thanks, I will look into that.

How is your indoor saddle different from your outdoor saddle?

Thanks, I will definitely check that out!

I am afraid there is no way around it: it’s the best but it’s gonna cost you. Here (Netherlands) they are around 180-250 euro’s. It’s a ridiculous amount of money. That’s the same price as a carbon seatpost I mean come on.

Yeah, this is also my workaround.

That’s smart, I should try.

Is that different from barrier cream?

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I have no idea, but they are probably not the same. :man_shrugging:

All of the above.

I changed saddles to a ISM and boom no more sores.

I also became adept in using a red hot needle and draining the saddle sore. Apply cream. Usually within 24hrs almost 100% better. Doesn’t hurt as much as you think. But it’s not…nice.

So today I bought the Specialized Power Arc saddle, apparently the store measured 143 mm wide (using a plate you should sit on). Sore mostly gone (didn’t ride for 2 extra days… the horror).

Saddle is super comfortable. The padding in the back makes that there is less pressure for the rest of the sit area more toward the front. And the roundness makes no peak pressure points (for me at least).

Fingers crossed this will help in the future.

I may accidentally almost have bought a Tarmac or Orbea Orca… they look sweet. So sweet…


Accidents happens… :slight_smile:

You have 30 days…so make sure you make up your mind by then

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