Help Needed - Missing 4 weeks in lead up to 70.3 Cairns

Doing my A race Cairns 70.3 on 9 June. My wife has booked us to travel to USA for all of April resulting in 4 weeks of bitsa training when I can.

I have completed SSB 1 & 2 and starting Tri phase now.

When I return home I have 5 weeks until the A race, any suggestions on how to play catch up, repeat SSB2 or continue with Tri phase?

Thanks in advance

hi there!

I understand you have completed SSB, and did you also get in some swim and run? In that case I would progress to HIM build (whatever volume suits where you are at now and what your time allows) week 1-4 and consider the last week of the speciality phase for taper as week 5.

good luck, I hope you have a great race!

Hi Schmidt

Running and swim should be fine, looking at 1:50 hr for the run and 38-40 min for the swim.

My current FTP is 220 but I’m sure that will drop over the April lay off


With a four week lay off, I would estimate that you’ll lose 3-4 weeks of training fitness. What that means is that you should step back in your plan and repeat the last 3-4 weeks uon return from your trip to make up for that loss in fitness :+1:

Then, be sure to do Tri Specialty Week 8 in the week leading up to your race since this is your Taper Week. This week will prepare you for your event by reducing the overall training volume while keeping the intensity and frequency high to retain your snap.

Best of luck with your season!