Help Me! PC Laptop won’t calibrate Wahoo Kickr Core!

New User: I’ve spent four hours trying to set up trainer road along with three different support staff and a friend. They’ve just sent a new set of instructions which aren’t clear to me and are pretty much what we did on TR chat.

BG: TR works on my phone. Not Laptop.
Using Assioma Pedals & Kickr Core w/ BT.
Laptop calibration test fails every time (laptop only)
Kickr Core reading is off by 50-100w. Assioma is accurate (only on pc). GARMIN is accurate. Wahoo phone app is accurate.

Nb: I have tried “forgetting” Assioma pedals on laptop. Reinstalling all software. Basically everything the tech staff suggested.

The email response I got back today is below. We have tried all of this already. I also asked for clarity on whether this email pertains only to my laptop and not my phone (not clear to me) and if it’s the laptop and we’re not using BT then how is it connecting to the kickr?

Thank you!

*That is my mistake - I must have been low on the coffee, haha. I see you had a chat with both Michael and Paul? I am happy to work through all the issues with you!

I will lay out the instructions again below:
I am sorry to hear about your struggles using TrainerRoad and your Assioma power pedals. I am here to help and try to get to the bottom of the issue. I am going to list several steps below. I want to make sure that I give you every resource available for you to try. You can find the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. I would first like you to delete and reinstall the TrainerRoad application. A fresh installation will ensure that any corrupt back end data is deleted and you will have a clean, up to date version of our application on the device that you usually use it on. This goes for both the phone or laptop applications
  2. Remove the Kickr and Pedals from any other devices that have previously connected to the power meters. Devices like mobile phones, watches, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, cycling computers, etc. This ensures that the connection is not being ‘stolen’ or used by anything else besides TrainerRoad.
  3. You can then connect your Kickr to TrainerRoad through the TR application. Do not connect the Kickr through the desktop’s Bluetooth settings. Just go to the TrainerRoad application, then devices and connect the Kickr through this page.
  4. You can then calibrate the Kickr through the TrainerRoad application.
  5. You can then complete a TrainerRoad workout to make sure that everything is working right. A workout such as our Power Ride Through [click]

And if I remove the pedals from my Garmin and I supposed to reload my pedals every time I go on an outdoor ride?

have you tried calibrating in resistance mode, also turn off all other bluetooth devices (your phone too!) except your kickr and pedals, also try unplugging your kickr for 2-3 minutes

  • Assuming the pedals are connected to the Garmin via ANT+ (which I believe is the default?) you can leave them as an active device without a need to remove them.

The steps above seem largely focused on the BLE side of things and making sure you don’t have any other app trying to access the BLE channel of the pedals and trainer. And unless you are actually trying to use your Garmin inside while using the TR app, I don’t see a reason to worry about that connection path.

As a side, much of this seems focused on the desire to calibrate the trainer (and pedals?) within the TR app. For reference, that is not strictly necessary. I actually prefer to use the Wahoo app to calibrate my Kickr, and typically use the appropriate app that matches any power meter I own for calibration.

This works because once calibrated in any app, the trainer and pedals store that calibration setting and apply it to ANY other app or connected device. So, you can use the Wahoo app to set the trainer calibration, then just use that in TR with no need to use TR for calibration.

There is some convenience to using TR as the calibration app for sure. But keep in mind that the Core, Kickr and other wheel off trainers really only need to be calibrated when moved to a new location and then again about every 2-4 weeks. I do a calibration on my Kickr in the Wahoo app at the start of each month and never touch it in TR. It’s setup in the same room all the time, so there is no need to calibrate more frequently.

Not sure on your trainer room and setup, but that more rare calibration process is a way to simplify your use and maybe get around any conflict you may be having with calibration.

First ramp test, this is what I tried doing. Calibrating the Kickr from my phone app using both TR and Wahoo app. But when I went to do the Ramp test from PC the watts were wrong. Hence why I completed the ramp test from my phone. The calibration test from my PC simply will not work. It fails to finish.

TR workouts from my PC are overreporting my power by at least 100 watts, so I need to it to be at least somewhat accurate to do the workout.

I just tried a bunch of options for the best part of an hour. I think it has something to do with the Assioma’s interfering with the signal.

An interesting test would be to connect the trainer via BLE to one device, then ANT to another device (your head unit?) and see if it reports the same values. Make sure the pedals are not connected to either device.

Then add the pedals to either/both devices above and retest. This might show if it’s the pedals tripping something to a bad direction.

I think it might be the pedals. I just did a brief PC test and it seemed like the pedals were recording double the kickr. I “forgot” the pedals, erg mode adjusted, and it felt about right. Favero single sided pedals will double the power in BT mode. This may have something to do with it interfering. I’m going to reboot, suit up, and try and do my first workout. See if it works. Will report back. Thanks.

  • Yeah, I’d have to search, but am sure that we have seen people use the Doubling option and get bad results. I think you need that turned OFF for proper use with TR.

Edit to add what I think is realted:

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Finished first workout. I just turned off the pedals all together and it worked fine. Calibration tool on PC doesn’t work, but I’ll stick with the wahoo tool on my phone. Thanks!

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