Can't calibrate Kickr Core on Mac

I’ve recently tried calibrating the Kickr Core from the TR app on my Mac. For reference, it is an older Mac, I believe a 2013/14 13-inch MacBook Pro. When I press the button to calibrate, it tells me to speed up to 14.9mph, but after it tells me to stop, there are no further instructions or pop-ups signifying that the calibration succeeded. The odometer stays at 0mph and nothing happens.

It seems like this is an issue with the Mac, as calibration seems to work when I try it with my iPhone.

I believe there is still an issue with calibrating most MACs and KICKRs, I sent this for a bug report last year, but still no technical response

Thank you, I’m not going to get my hopes of of this getting fixed then. Any workarounds you have, or do you just not use your Mac w/ TR anymore?

Separate question, but are you aware of how calibration works? Is it something inherent to the Kickr Firmware, or is it something present within the TR software? In other words, if I calibrated via my iPhone, but continued using my Mac as the TR application, should calibration more or less be done?

Im not 100% sure, but I calibrate using my garmin headunit and from what I understand it should be fine, as my dual recording data from KICKr and pedals are as equal as before (~1%)

From what I’ve been told by wahoo support in the past when my CORE was malfunctioning, the results of the calibration are stored onboard the trainer itself.

They also recommended that (for best results) the calibration SHOULD be performed on the wahoo app vs any other third party software. They didn’t explain WHY that is when I asked for clarification however.