Help me out, forum, what does the 'resistance' slider do?

When I switch to resistance mode I notice there is a little slider at the bottom left(ish) of the workout screen titled ‘resistance’. On the far left is 0% & on the far right of the slider is 100%. I slide that thing all over the place and don’t notice any difference in perceived effort or displayed power at a given cadence. 100% is just like 0%.

What is the purpose of the resistance slider? How do you use it?

Assume you have a trainer with the capacity to offer 1000w max Resistance.

TR Resistance Settings = Trainer Resistance.
0% = 0 watts
50% = 500 watts
100% = 1000 watts

That’s not likely exact or perfect, because it is relative to gearing and input cadence. But it is essentially applying the percentage of maximum trainer Resistance possible, based on the TR setting.

Related info here:

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Then it’s busted!!

Hmm. I’ll give it another try. My first suspicion is always user error.

LOL, ID10T error?

  1. Trainer plugged in.
  2. Trainer paired to app as a smart controlled trainer (not just power data).

Those are the quick ones I can think of to check.