Help me fuelling a competitive century

I thought it might be.
I did it in 2019 (but from the Fondo pen, not the race pen, still managed to qualify, which is hard from the GF start) and went to Poland the same year.
I did it on six iso gels, a bannana, and a fruit bar, a 750ml bottle of mix and a 1000ml bottle of water (and I didnt drink it all, I have never been able to drink much on the bike, although I have learnt to drink more now.)
I did have two 1l bottles but changed one out at the last moment for a 750ml just incase the UCI bottle size rule was enforced. I put just water and a high5 tab in the litre bottle so I didnt mind if I had to ditch it. They didnt check so I wish I had kept both litre bottles.

I didnt see anyone use the fed zones, but I was so deep at the time I dont even remember one of them. Maybe they did in the front group if there was a lull but I’d been dropped to the second or third group by then.

I don’t think I took a gel in the first half, just mix, I’m not good enough bike handler and there never seemed to a lull where I was riding to reach for back pockets. Only had time to take gels after being dropped into the maybe third? group.

I have a deferred race pen entry from 2020 but I am not sure if I’m taking it, been doing other things and I’m not sure I have time to get anywhere near race fit, and I’m older now and more worried about breaking things… will see.

I did see someone with about 15 gels taped to their top tube.

The collapsable pouchs are a good idea, I have some for running and if I go will use them.

I’d say practise talking feds in a fast group ride, at ToC its fast and sometimes very windy, you drop a wheel and you are not getting back unless you a total monster.

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I will have to experiment with ‘pre-loading’… I could probably drink 500ml before I line up, how long do they make you sit in the pens? Depending on the temperatures I may just take the 2L and leave the smaller bottles; being the UK it could be 30C and Sun or 15C and rain in June!

I have a gel flask, it can hold 4 gels so I may buy another so I’ll be able to take 8. I think that should be plenty! It’s definitely easier to use than individual gel wrappers