Help finding a podcast episode

A while back the coaches did a pod where they talked about building a block of training for various reasons. To increase endurance or Vo2 max. They laid out the format of how to do it and the progression of intensity for the block but I am having trouble finding the episode. I already searched but came up with bupkiss. Any help would be awesome.

One possibility, 59 minutes in, “Block Periodization”.

Not a pod, but Coach Chad’s comment here with some great info.

Still looking for more…

Ah man thank you so much. I listened to this and it’s great info (as always) but not it.

It is where they describe doing a SS zone “camp” Where the first day is SS then the next day less intense and the next even less then three days off then four days on starting back at SS and sliding down in intensity each day. Coach chad said you could do this for any “zone” as long as lots of rest came with it.

I got like 90% of the info I just want a refresher. If we can’t find it no worries. This is why I need to write stuff down.

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