HELP! Element Roam route download

I have a gravel race tomorrow. I had the course uploaded to my Roam before I left home (used same steps I usually do), but they updated the route. I’ve downloaded the route, and when I have the unit hooked to the laptop, it’s showing the file is there under “Routes”, but when I sync the head unit, it doesn’t appear. I’ve spent the last 90 minutes copying, downloading, syncing, rebooting…but it doesn’t show up. Suggestions???

Try turning bluetooth off and then back on on your phone - and then try to sync it to your headunit. This happens to me all the time where it won’t synch to my wahoo. I exit the app, turn bluetooth off - and then back on, and then usually it works.

Hope this helps (if you haven’t tried this already…)

I really hoped that would work. Tried it 5 or 6 times…no luck. Any other suggestions?

download the gpx on your phone, then select to open it with the ELEMNT app, that usually triggers a transfer to the phone. Sometimes I need two tries…

phone needs to be connected to ROAM via bluetooth then

Technologically challenged here…if I download the file to my iphone, where do I find it?

good question! I’m on iOS, it’s usually under Files… I’m doing a trial now…

YEP, either directly find it in safari under downloads or find it in ‘Files’ under Downloads. Or use the search function to find it.

sucess!!! called customer service. had me unauthorize Ride w/ GPS, then log back in, then the bluetooth trick and it popped up. thanks guys!!


Enjoy the ride! :partying_face:

Thanks! 110mile gravel ride in SW Virginia, 11k of climbing. so…yeah, directions are important :rofl: