Help connecting 4iiii meter to Garmin

Just got a 4iiii left side meter and a Garmin 540. Can’t figure out why the Garmin won’t find it.

It’s just flashing an orange light every 30 seconds or so.

The manual doesn’t say anything in the trouble shoot section besides to make sure that it’s paired to the Garmin.

Can’t find anything about orange flashing lights. Only a certain amount of blue flashes for battery life.

Have you spun the crank a few times to wake up your new left crank power meter? Then try and find it on your 540.

Yes I did, that’s when it started flashing orange.

I may try a new battery

If its 3rd Gen

I’ve a second gen one and it was quite simple. So simple I cant remember. Try changing your battery.

I would also try connecting it to the 4iiii app as well. If it can’t connect to its own app after a battery change, then there is really an issue.

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It was the battery. That is crazy that they send them out with the battery installed so people get recieved them dead. Seems like a waste of a lot of batteries.


When I got mine the battery still the bit of plastic covering one side. Thus needed to peel that off and reinsert.


Mine unfortunately did not have that