4iiii Power Meter connection issues

I have been using a 4iiii one sided power meter for a few years now but recently it has been hard to connect to my garmin and trainerroad. I normally have to take to battery out then reinsert it, after a few tries of this it normally works and doesn’t drop out once it has connected. Does anyone have any experience with this issue or any idea on how to fix it?

When was the last time you replaced the battery (with a new one)? Signal tends to fall in intensity as the batteries die on many devices.

Eeep mine has been rock solid so far touch wood! Worth trying a new decent quality battery?

Never had moment’s problem with mine. Tried putting in new battery?

I put a new battery in about a month ago, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Might be duff battery or loose connection? I’d try new battery still

OK ill give that a go, ty

Depending where you got your battery from you can get some distinctly dodgy coin cells. I’ve had some that last a few weeks and others that last years in the same device. Definitely worth a try before investigating more.

I’m on my third replacement one was similar and calibration issues might be worth contacting support

Have you updated the firmware?

Gen 1 or Gen 2 device?

Yep I have updated it soon that front everything should be fine

It is gen 2