Height and weight question

I’m listening to the most recent podcast (#349 I think) and I just heard Jonathan say he’s 68kg. Isn’t he 180cm tall? How is that possible? I’m also 180cm and weigh 102kg, the least I have weighed (as a cyclist) is 92kg at 11% body fat percentage (according to DEXA scan). I admit I’m very jealous right now, he doesn’t even look like a super skinny cyclist, quite normal actually.

I am similar to Jon’s numbers:

  • 5’ 10" [178cm]
  • 145 lbs [65.8 kg]
  • 20.8 BMI
  • My Withings Body+ scale gives:
    • 13% Body Fat in “Regular” mode (close to full body fat)
    • 7% Body Fat in “Athlete” mode (close to skin calipers)
    • 60% Body Water
    • 83% Muscle Mass
    • 4.4% Bone Mass

I have had a fast metabolism through life (now slowing at 48) and am a small frame person. Essentially ‘skinny’ by the usual definition, but not to the level of the pro tour guys that seem to have fat % about half what I have. I peaked at 155 lbs in my late 20’s when I was lifting a lot for BMX racing, but have not been over 148 lbs in the last 20 years.


Everyone is different…

I am 5’6 (~168 cm) and ~155 (70kg) on a good day…
Last time i check fat it was around 11%…

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You must have been carrying a lot of muscle mass around then.

I’m 189cm, and weigh 82kg with a BF around 11-12% (10.9% by DEXA about a year ago at 81kg).


I have a Withings scale too, my stats are pretty horrendous right now :P.

  • 5’ 11" [180cm]
  • 227.2 lbs [103.06 kg]
  • 31.7 BMI
  • My Withings scale gives:
    • 22.5% body fat on regular mod
    • 52% Body Water
    • 74.1% Muscle Mass
    • 3.3% Bone Mass

I had a relatively fast metabolism until I was 21, then it dropped of a cliff and I think I put on about 30 lbs in less than a year. My heaviest was about 240lbs / 109KG.

I guess frame matters too, I’m relatively broad and have a grossly long torso and short legs.

I’m about 183 cm and about 79kg and would consider myself at my offseason weight. I try to get down to 75kg peak season. I typically am at 10-11% body fat according to Withings at 75kg.

At 92kg, it would seem you are carrying 20+ lbs of extra muscle than me.

He isn’t you?

My advice is to either stop comparing yourself to others, or look in the mirror and decide that you need to lose excess weight and do it.


I stopped checking my weight. Fuel the workouts appropriately, stay consistent, and the weight takes care of itself in the end.

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I would actually ask how your stats are possible more than Jonathan’s. 5’11 and 92kg at 11% body fat means you had to be jacked. I am 6’3, 91kg, have above average strength, and had a dexa put me at 26% body fat (withings reads at 20%). You should be a body builder.


this is what I do…
My jeans do not appreciate it.

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I’ll offer more anecdotal Withings data…

  • Male
  • Age 57
  • Height 182cm
  • Weight 69.2kg
  • BMI 20.9
  • Fat Mass 14.1% (normal mode)
  • Water Mass 57.7%
  • Bone Mass 4.3%
  • Muscle Mass 81.5%

I have accepted identifying myself as a “skinny dude” over the years. I do not ever recall trying to “lose weight”, but I’ve tried hard to cut back on chocolates, cookies, and a little bit of cut back on alcohol. Generally speaking, I eat a lot, but the bulk of it is healthy.

I find the total body mass numbers on the Withings scale fluctuate quite a bit day to day, but around 69-70kg seems to be my “normal” range. My Christmas eating season weight may go up as high as 72.5kg, and my summer race weight may drop just below 69kg.

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I don’t want to hijack the thread, but can one of you reporting this Withings data tell me more about the Bone Mass? The numbers you’re all putting up here seem really low, unless you guys are actually birds or otherwise have hollow bones. Quick search on the internet suggests average skeleton is ~10 kilos, which is something like triple the numbers I’m seeing from % bone mass above. Any additional context would be appreciated.

I can’t share anything more than the Withings support info. I barely look at it and only really watch fat, muscle and water for trends over time. The actual values are largely irrelevant to me.


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Damn bro you’re jacked. People like Jonathan (and me, 185cm, 63kg) are not.


I believe this excludes the marrow since it specifically says the “dry fat free mass”, which is probably the heavy part. and possibly ligaments and tendons as well.

So yes, according to withings, we have hollow bones!


Curious, by what standard?

Depends on your age, IME…there was certainly a time when that was true for me. Some minor portion control, start training again and the weight dropped off easily.

Once I went over 50, the weight has become increasingly difficult to drop off, even adhering to previous successful strategies. I gotta get a bit more aggressive these days and that includes monitoring on the scale.


194cm, 80.5kg - headed to 75-77kg target… That’s where I feel best on the bike and off. I have pretty big bones/structure - never had a dexa scan though.

I’ve weighed as much as 109kg in my early 20s. That was not fun, or healthy. I’m prone-to-barrel, as they say - once you’ve been fat, it takes constant work not to return.

I had a PT comment not too long ago that my forearms are bigger than my biceps. So it goes. I lift with my legs, not my back or arms.

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So am I 5’ 5” 71kg. I’m not sure of the fat percentage but it’s sadly high on the BMI. I’m 44 and squiggly around the waist. It’s the first year that I’ve not dropped any weight after Christmas.

I should clarify why I am jealous of “light-weight” folks. I think the lightest I’ve ever weighed as an adult was 160lbs when I was 20 years old in college. I was stick thin and my face looked hollow; my wife thought I had an eating disorder when she first saw me and guessed I was about 125lbs.

In any case, I wish I was a more mindful individual but I’m not :D. I want to fly up the hill like the lighter guys and not suffer like a stuck pig while everyone passes me like I’m standing still.