Heart rate going of 15bpm down during Tallac+3

Hi all,

I know im struggling to warm up, but the difference between the first block of sweetspot and the last one is around 15bpm average

First block: 220w AVG 160bpm AVG
Last block: 220w AVG 145bpm AVG

Is this normal?
Any idea?


That’s unusual, I would have expected a trend in the opposite direction.

What’s your set up…is this Virtual Power (what trainer), Erg mode, etc?

Without knowing your set up, I’d guess immediately that you’re using a fluid trainer with virtual power.


That’s a good guess, I think.

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Hi Oblewis,

Yes I have Elite SuperChrono Fluid, not smart, with Virtual Power (Garmin Speed Sensor).

Could be a “degradation” of the resistance?


Try picking a steady-state workout where you warm up then just stay at one single wattage for 40 minutes. My bet is that your heart rate will decrease there too: as the fluid warms up its resistance changes and for the same calculated wattage you will be producing less “real” wattage, which your heart notices and doesn’t beat as fast.

It’s an easy way to strengthen that hypothesis at least.


Fluids become less viscous as temperature increasing. Think of honey at 20 degrees and honey at 50 degrees: which will exert more resistance to you moving a spoon through it?

Ah, I miss the days when I had this ‘problem’! Every workout was like Mills, and got easier as I got tired :smiley:

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thanks to all!

i think the solution is to increase the workout intensity to 105% or 110% to be consistent with the training stimulus?

In the long run, I recommend you get a proper power meter. I got a one-sided crankarm-based power meter from 4iiii for about $300. My Elite Volano’s resistance varies a little when it heats up (although not as much as your unit does, that’s for sure), but since I am always basing my efforts on “true” power, that doesn’t affect me much.

I think the warming up trainer hypothesis is likely correct. I’m using a wheel on dumb trainer with a crank-based power meter and for long sweet spot intervals I notice that cadence has to gradually increase to maintain the same power.

The only way I think you could get around this is to do a 10 minute trainer warmup before starting the workout. Alternatively, a single sided Stages or 4iiii can be had relatively cheap these days :slight_smile:

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