Struggle with long sweetspot intervals

Hi all,
I’m 63 years old with max HR 160 an FTP of 177 and weigh 81kg. I’ve been using TR now for approx 3 years and have seen my FTP come down from 207 last year to 177.
Having just completed SSLV week 3 “Eclipse”. HR on the last interval was 155 would this be normal.
Regards Billy

57 years old here. I’ve done this workout quite a few times. Tough but doable. It’s normal over the course of a long workout for your heart rate to drift upwards.

Thanks Nigel much appreciated.

After three years of TR, you have watched your FTP decrease by 30W? :confused:

If your max HR truly is 160, then reaching 155 during Eclipse would seem a bit much. But looking at that workout and some of your other ones, I would say that it looks about right. That said, HR is subjective. It could be elevated because you are tired, had some coffee, are getting sick, inadequate cooling, etc… Since you are not new to TR and you have 63yrs of experience w/your
body, you are probably the one best suited to determine what is normal or not. :wink:

Do you eat during long sweet spot workouts? Best advice I ever got for sweet spot was from a recent TR podcast to not diet on the bike, especially long sweet spot workouts. I started eating during them regularly and what was once a struggle is now, dare I say, almost fun?!

Episode 194.

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HR seems high for SS interval. Would expect this more in a VO2max, or maybe threshold+ interval.

Your FTP has declined over a few years. When did you last test? Maybe current FTP a bit high, hence SS feels very hard?

Do you have confidence in the accuracy of power measurement from your trainer or power meter?

Here is a SS workout I did 2 days ago. I’m 60 yo, 82 kg with a HRmax of 167. I do a lot of aerobic work. You should likely go back to building a stronger aerobic system so that you can handle the SS workouts closer to FTP.

Hi Dave, Ramp test carried out 3 weeks ago.
Using a dumb trainer elite crono mag gel. Virtual power.

Hi Kilaka, no I have’nt been eating during long workouts. Will give it a go. Thanks

Hi Nickel in, had a double espresso before starting eclipse. Cooling have 2x 20 " fans. Billy

Kindest Regards.


Totally agree with this, fueling during sweetspot is a must; I noticed a huge difference on the days I didn’t fuel during SS.

Hey Billy did you mean to put these details here? :grinning:

I don’t have any insight or experience with that trainer, so no idea how repeatable/reliable it is from a power measurement standpoint. Has your performance outside deteriorated also?

Have SS intervals always been hard for you, or only recently?

Yes Sorry

Thanks Slainster will take that on board.

Hi David this trainer is dumb trainer: looking at smart trainers, undecided which one to go for.
I’ve noticed over the past few months that energy levels have dropped. I Also noticed my resting heart rate has went from 42 was regular and its 66-71 Not sure what is happening6-7 weeks ago I was on.SSB ML and then reverted it back to SSBLV was putting to much stress on my body, Billy