Healthy Rocket Fuel?

So what’s your healthy rocket fuel for a kick ass workout? For me, maybe physiological, but a big ass bowl of B.C. blueberries seems to fuel me for a strong ride. Note the theme is healthy.

And no Nate Popeyes doesn’t count!

I always seem to perform best on a bowl of sweet potatoes with nothing but a but of extra virgin olive oil and a lot salt.

Ow and i do tend to be flying when i had Mcdonalds on the day prior. My only guess is i need to add more salt to my daily diet :grin:


Beetroot juice ( large glass per day,), Beta Alanine ( about 4g ) and Caffeine (200mg).

  1. Beetroot juice has the odd side affect of pink Pee and well the other end change in colour too.
  2. Beta Alanine if you take to high a dose can get slightly itchy skin. All the research says no problem with that.
  3. Caffeine i take in the morning so it does not impact my sleeping.

You could just do the Beetroot Juice ( Healthy), And i guess Caffeine is healthy we get to drink Coffee all day long

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Bananas - nature’s energy gel


Here are a few suggesrions:
Most dried fruits such as pinaple, mangos, dates (personally not a fan), apricots and figs.
Another great morning fuel is a smoothy with:
1 banana,
1/2 cup of frozen fruit (mango, any berries, cherries)
1 cup of orange or apple juice to taste
You can throw in a raw egg for some protein and omega 3-6-9. If the taste is a problem for you, go with the apple juice instead, it somehow hides it!
Last but not least, recovery fuel shake:
1/2 cup of vanilla Greek yogourt (Greek is the key for protein levels)
1 banana
1/2 cup of frozen fruit (same as above, to taste)
1 cup of milk
Mapple syrup to taste.

All quantities are approximate because I actually never measure, I go to texture and add some liquid to get the desired texture.


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I make what I like to call “Endurance Empanadas” to fuel long rides. Basically make a simple dough with buckwheat flour and whole wheat flour, following a pizza dough recipe (water, salt, yeast, bit of sugar/honey). Then I take a cooked sweet potato, dates, maca powder, chia seeds and walnuts and pulse in a food processor. Stuff this filling in the dough, wrap like an empanada and bake. Super tasty, clean to eat on the bike, all real food



What’s unhealthy off the bike might be fine on the bike.

Sugar is perfectly fine when fueling a hard workout. Specifically talking about the frequently discussed 1:1 blend of fructose to glucose.

Fruits and veggies are just going to give you a bunch of fiber that you don’t need on the bike. Fruit is good, but != rocket fuel.

Now if you’re talking about pre or post ride fueling, that’s a different story…