Head unit control

My coach provides workout files on training peaks. It’s there any point in having a TR subscription any longer given I can just complete them (as I understand it) on a Garmin or wahoo?

Annual sub to tr is roughly the same price as a head unit.

Newer Garmin and Wahoo head units can control smart trainers. See a previous post here with additional links.

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  • Assuming your coach and you are doing the workout creation, planning and tracking (likely within TrainingPeaks), there not much reason I see that you would need TrainerRoad.

  • It depends on what you plan to use within the TR app and service, if anything. But from your short info, I don’t see TR as a ‘need’ for you.

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Even if you were to have room in your budget for one subscription, in your scenario, Zwift would be a better choice. Zwift syncs with TrainingPeaks and pulls in scheduled workouts so you’d get very TR like erg mode experience for your workouts plus you’d have all the other Zwift ride or race options. TR is great if you use its workouts but if you’re bringing your own its a pretty expensive workout runner app.


Thanks. This is what my coach has advised I do. Also they have some coached sessions of zwif so it makes sense.