Head cold at the start of taper

I’ve been training for BWR for the last little while and things have been going relatively well. Following my Saturday ride my whole body felt sore…I knew what was coming. Last night I slept about 3hrs due to a bad head cold. I was planning on tapering over the next 10 days prior to the event.

How would you all recommend I go about doing this? Should I stay away from the bike for a few days to ensure that I shake this cold as quickly as possible? I’m a bit panicked since I have no time to play with. Thanks for any input.

That would be my suggestion. You won’t gain or lose much in terms of fitness at this state, but you do have a lot to lose if you try to push through it and delay getting better.

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That’s my initial thought as well. I think it’s paranoia trying to convince me to do otherwise.

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Last minute doubts, fairly normal to experience it even with a taper. You won’t lose fitness in a few days off, in fact you may find you feel stronger after a couple rides ahead of BWR. Good luck!


I got strep throat while in Hawaii 10 days before a race. Being off the bike for a week resulted in a great race. Like said above, you won’t loose anything and maybe gain some freshness.

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