Have I ran myself into the ground?

I’m on the second week of my 6th sweet spot base in a row and I’m tired.

Started sweet spot base mid volume in the end of October. I switched on my to low volume on my 4th block with 1-2 z2 rides in the middle and a Saturday spirited group ride. My training halted in 4/28 I had an accident and had really bad road rash on the left side of my body. Took 8 days off and jumped back into training which was two weeks of zone 2. Following week was ftp test time and I let the ftp auto detection do its thing. When modestly up.

Now today. 2nd week of my 6 straight block of sweet spot base and I failed a workout last night. It was truchas-2. Maybe it was because I didn’t eat well yesterday. Or perhaps it’s because I tried to an evening workout instead of my usual early morning session.

Never the less I don’t feel the same since after the crash. Energy is low and I can’t sustain similar efforts.


Over reaching or over training can sneak up on you. Definitely take one or two weeks of mellow Z2 riding or just not ride at all and see what happens.

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I’d also recommend 1 or 2 weeks of z2 and see how it goes.
Then when you think you can add some intensity again, just add one workout a week, and a workout you feel comfortable doing.

Definitely take it slow.

You’re tired and failed a workout last night, is that the summary?

Doesn’t sound like anything to worry about.

Road rash a month ago shouldn’t be relevant, but if you are still injured and leaking fluids, I would focus on recovery. Otherwise, crack on.

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Agree. Truchas -2 is a “stretch” workout, with a definition of “will be tough in relation to your current fitness level. While doable, they are challenging to do consistently, and require additional focus and recovery”. So if a person goes in to Truchas -2 with a lack of sleep, poor nutation, poor fueling, or too much work the preceding week, it’s probably not uncommon to fail a ride.