Haute Route participants thread

Ah to be honest

It was completely my own fault and the corner was well marked by the event.

Some of the bigger descents were not timed.

Hey there, I did mid-volume, with climbing for specialty. My experience of high volume is just burns me out; mid was plenty. Lmk any other questions; it’s such a great event.

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Ultimate Guide for Alps and Dolomites are out.
No timing detail yet. Really interested to see how that goes, and how many descents and flat sections are going to be timed.

Do you have any advice on Harz for road bikers? Going there for 3 days, would love some good insights

Does anybody know when registration for the 2022 Haute Route events will start? I’m planning on doing Crans Montana (Switserland).

Likely after the reveal next week.

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Ai, Crans Montana isn’t on the agenda for 2022. Got to reconsider my plan. They have Alpe d’Huez in June and Davos in September.

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Really looking forward to the Route reveal. Dolomites has gotten an extra 1000m of climbing, 95km in distance and a 1450m elevation Time trial.
The TT sounds interesting, because there aren’t that many climbs with such elevation gain.

@mountainrunner going to be at Haute Route Davos 2022?

I put it on the calendar as a TBC. HR Alpe D’Huez is on my calendar, too. The last time I rode there was 2004 to ride the stages before the Tour. I’m sure it looks the same :slight_smile:


AdH is on the List for me, too. Our plan is actually that my wife will do the compact version!

I was thinking of which other event to go for and rn I am thinking of going Alps.
My parents live in Nice, where the event starts, so I can combine a visit there with the event starting out there.
I will see how many climbs they’ll include that I want to go for.
Alpe d’Huez apparently not the Time trial this year, with the TT being listed at 900m elevation gain. I would actually like the TT not be on Alpe, if I’m doing the Alpe event that year.

So in case the course goes over at least three bucket list climbs I have yet to ride, I will likely go for that :sweat_smile:


Registrations open 14 Oct 2021

Looking at the Pyrenees again for 2022 and i plan on not crashing this time :grinning:, and maybe Davos too.

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For those who have done Haute Route Alpe d’Huez before: are the rides in that area very technical (going down-hill I mean)?

I completed Haute Route Alps this year. I wouldn’t worry too much about going downhill although I appreciate that some people are nervous about going down.

The going uphill part is the problem … climb after climb … day after day … for seven days!

But, don’t stress too much. Just do it!

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The hairpins on Alpe d’Huez are fairly technical. But generally Haute Route doesn’t time the downhill sections, so you can go as slow (or fast) as you want.

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Updated the Thread to become a general „participants thread“. The idea being, that all future and former participants can likely benefit from each other‘s experience.