Haute Route participants thread

Ramp test today and then GB MV with an extra group ride on a Sat.

I think you are right about maintaining during the events, I hadn’t thought much about this. I don’t think I will be able to do much serious training.

Currently the plan is;

8 weeks General Build MV + Sat group ride ( I’ve been chasing 4wkg for about 3 years and am hoping GB might get me there, even if not the best fit for HR events). Annoyingly my FTP is now up to new highs and would have me at 4wkg apart from my weight is up too

8 weeks Climbing Road Race + Sat group ride (still thinking about pushing up my FTP)

8 weeks Sustained Power Build + Sat Group rides ( Getting more HR specific)

This takes me to HR Alpe D’Huez and the start of a very busy schedule

Haute Route Alpe d’Huez 24-26 JUNE 2022
Maratona 1-3 JULY 2022
Haute Route Pyrenees 5-9 JULY 2022
Haute Route Alps 21-27 AUGUST 2022
Haute Route Dolomites 30 AUGUST - 3 SEPTEMBER 2022
Haute Route Davos 23-25 SEPTEMBER 2022

Not sure what specialty to pick during this period, but maybe I’ll follow your suggestion of Century?

“A” race is the Alps/Dolomite combo, others I think will have to be more about enjoying the experience as full gas on these will likely break me before even getting to the Alps.

Edit. In the end i have chosen Sustained Power Build HV as the first build.


That’s a lot of racing! What’s your thinking behind doing so many of these events in one summer?

Haute Route offer something called an infinity pass which gives you access to all the events for a much reduced fee (about the same as just entering the Haute Route Alps).

I managed to get one of these and am making use of it.

Definitely not going to be racing them all, most will be more bike touring than racing for me.

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Good answer! What a great opportunity.
Did you ask what you should be doing between each one? My vote would be for as little as possible whilst eating all the food in the house. :laughing:

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Yeah, it was a 50th birthday present. Excited and intimidated in equal measure.

Postponed it from last year because of Covid, which was probably for the best, not least because I am now a bit fitter.

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Did HR Alps last year. What a week. Down for Dolomites this year. Good luck with the duo.


I watch these types if thread with interest as I’ll hopefully, finally, get to do the Alps Epic this June, which is a 6 day mtb stage race based around Serre Chevalier.
Totally out of my experience.


AdH course has been announced.
Very beautiful choice of climbs:

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Looking great!

Do you know when the exact coordinates for the stages will be posted? I tried to create the stages in KOMOOT but can’t get certain parts right.

Usually very short before the race. Will be posited through Ride with GPS. 2 weeks before the race I‘d say.

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Anyone partipate in HR virtual ventoux?

Tough three stages

Fulgaz has a long way to go to be competitive in the space.

First ride all sensors dropped out about 6 km.

The ride sync for me was off, the effort needed for the grade shown didn’t feel right.

The time recorded for the stage was not the total ride time. You could stop for a break and the pause time was not accounted for.

I though about it, but the sun has been shining and riding outside was just too tempting, especially as I’ve finally just had my new bike delivered :grin:

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strong suggestion: don’t go for the Alps+Dolomites combo. Race only the Alps and fully enjoy the Dolomites. No one in the group really looks at the “combo” classification, and it’s very tiring.

Thanks for the recommendation, that’s a good idea and I expect my legs will be done by the start of the Dolomites anyway.

I’m expecting to finish mid pack, if I get into the top 25% I’ll be over the moon, not sure I can really claim to be racing it, but I would like to set myself some targets to achieve. Main one being to enjoy it!

Alpe d’Huez is getting closer. For the veterans here, any advice regarding clothing? I imagine it can be cold at the start, but a lot warmer during the day. What do you wear at the start?

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That’s the trickiest question each morning during the whole event. Typically I’ve worn short sleeve jersey, lightweight sleeves, lightweight gillet. In the backpocket lightweight full-finger gloves. The gillet comes off very quickly (just before the free speed / 0K). Sleeves until the sunrise. Full-finger gloves and gillet back on for the descents. For extra protection you might consider having a very thin/small plastic trash bag to be put underneath the jersey as a ”winder stopper”, on the chest side (easy to store back in the pocket afterwards, remember not to litter!)

For those rare bad weather days, lightweight knee warmers. I don’t see point in rain jackets. They’re too big to be put into the pocket and cannot be worn on the ascents. You’ll generate enough heat while climbing no matter the temperature. The descents are the tough ones in bad weather. Having the gloves, gillet, sleeves and the ”wind stopper” has worked well for me. It’s cold but you’ll get to the next ascent eventually. And note that the organizers do monitor the forecasts for extreme situations. During my HR events they’ve cancelled Tourmalet climb and shorten couple of other stages due to nasty weather conditions.


I am a very cold adverse person, who tends to over dress.
The event is end of June, which means two things:

  • sun rise will be before the race start (around 5:45, although Alpe d‘Huez lies in the shadow in the morning)
  • weather is a mixed bag.

To the latter point. Last year, I was in Andermatt in early June. I wore full on winter clothing. Most passes were closed. It was windy, rainy, and snowed on the Cols.
The week after, I participated in HR Crans Montana, and it got really, really hot throughout the day.
The mornings were chilly, and started with descents (just like AdH), but from the very first climbs on, it was warm enough to go short sleeves, short bib.
Considering this event is 2 weeks later in the year, and a few hundred km more southern, I wouldn’t be surprised if heat became more of a problem than cold.
However, these are the alps, and things can change extremely quickly, so keep an eye on the weather forecast.

With me not expecting it to get super cold, and not wanting to carry a ton of stuff, that needs to be put on and off before/after every climb, my current idea is to just break the wind. A super light thin jacket will do the job perfectly.
Shameless plug here:
This is gonna be my choice.

The thing that gets me freezing the most is being sweated or rained through when arriving at the Col, and then hitting the wind on the descent, and this is where this (and similar) products are great.


Thanks for the inputs guys! I too hate being cold on the bike. A light wind breaker sounds like a good idea.

I am also very cold averse and will err on the side of being too warm than cold.

I did the Vatternrundan in 2017 and it hit 6 Deg C at around 2am in sweden and i stopped for a massage at the aid station, it almost scuppered my day.

You can also use the Haute Route Race Bag to stash some additional clothes in case you make the wrong choice. These are usually available at the top of a major climb
Cost is 119 euros for the 5 or 7 day event.

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