Experience with SQLab Saddles?

Just wanted to know some opinions on the SQLabs saddles. I’m considering picking up a Ergowave 612 (active probably).

I have a Specialized Power Comp, and while it’s fine, the wings dig into the side of my thighs and back of my hamstrings. I feel like I’m rooted to one position and cannot move too much at all (especially on the trainer).

I have this saddle. It was suggested when I got a bike fit to relieve numbness. I find it very comfortable and have not experienced any numbness since getting it a year ago (outdoors on rides of 2 to 5 hours).

On the trainer I get some discomfort on the sit bones after 1 hour. I think this is just the usual trainer issues and standing helps a lot. Very rarely I will get some numbness on the trainer but readjusting my position fixes the issue.

I would recommend it.


Do you have the active version? @Mark767

I have just bought the active version about a month ago. Previously I always used the saddle that came with my bike - a non-ergonomic Selle Italia. The reason I changed was because I felt some numbness after about 1hr on the trainer. I had never problems outside tough even if riding for 5-6hrs or so.

I have not experienced any problems with it so far and it certainly solved the numbness problem. The reason for getting out of the drops has now shifted away from saddle issues. However, I’m not sure if it’s due to the additional movement of the saddle because of the active technology, or just because of the more ergonomic form. I certainly don’t feel like it moves left to right while riding. The only thing I noticed is that compared to other saddles it is higher at the very end which means you have some kind of stopping position there but otherwise it’s comfortable not just in one position.

In any way if you pick one up I suggest to get the measurement set they have to get the correct saddle width which is very important and it’s also easy to do at home. Depending on where you live you can get it sent to you without any cost.

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No, I have the regular.

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I’ve been riding Sqlab saddles on all my bikes for the last 15 years. 612 currently on three bikes. Ultraendurance races, no problem. Numbness? No problem. Fathered three children, so no negative impact on this either.

However, each bum is different. I don’t know about yours.

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I got my tester kit in the mail yesterday :peach:

I currently use the 612 active and love it. When I’m indoors I could be in the saddle for hours. Outdoors it makes 8hr rides feel like a breeze.

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After taking serious damage riding La Marmotte in July, I ordered a 612 Active 120mm to replace my Fizik Arione R3. Night and day — just rode the Levi Gran Fondo with zero issues. Color me ecstatic :slight_smile:

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Enjoying the saddle so far. I think it’ll be amazing after I get over a sore from my old saddle.