Has anyone tried Gatorlyte?

I was curious if anyone has tried Gatorlyte from Gatorade and what your impressions were. I usually drink Pedialyte in the days leading up to a big race, like Leadville, to hydrate. I was considering giving Gatorlyte a try instead. Gatoryle looks to have a little less sodium and potassium but is cheaper in price per volume.

I haven’t but I can recommend Skratch pretty highly

What’s the point of a low sugar sports drink? Gatorade powder is the cheapest way to go if you want Gatorade. If one only wanted the equivalent sugar of Gatorlyte, just use two tablespoons of powder.

The point is the higher concentrations of electrolytes compared to regular Gatorade. I think people are better off buying powdered sodium citrate and potassium citrate (or whatever other electrolytes you want) and adding it to Gatorade powder to get the mix that works for you.

I would recommend the powdered Gatorade “Endurance” formula to hydrate before a race … or during a race. It is what they pass out at most big marathons in the U.S.

  1. you don’t need to fuel with carbs for z2 rides but you can still need electrolytes - especially on long days in the heat.

  2. some ppl have gout. It’s incredibly painful and sugary drinks can cause acute attacks

  3. some ppl have kidney disease. Sugary drinks damage your kidneys. Not a lot but if you already have ckd it’s something you have to think about

  4. even if you’re perfectly healthy, you can only carry 2 bottles at a time. It’s nice to be able to keep pure water and/or low sugar drinks on hand when the goal is to hydrate. You can fuel separately with things in your jersey pocket

I love gatorlytes. I am training for IRONMAN right now and my volume is around 16 hours a week. While I use skratch and gatorade endurance, I am having a difficult time with my gut. Gatorlytes is a life saver. It works completely different than Skratch labs or Gatorade Endurance. It is not even meant to be the same product. I am a heavy sweater and I am prone to nausea. Gatorlytes reset me

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