US users: cheap energy drink

A shoutout to the US users out there. I’m looking for some energy drink mix that is somewhat cheap from a US shop. A friend of mine offered to bring me some to Guatemala when he is flying in.
I have searched a bit but can’t find any good deals. Usually I buy High5 2,2 kg for around 25$ from either wiggle or a Danish shop when I’m back in Sweden. Imported goods is super expensive in Guatemala and I can’t order anything online since they don’t have a postal service :confused: so I’d like to take advantage of my friends offer.

Where do you get your energy? :smiley:

2 kg granulated sugar at $4. I add some Gatorade mix for flavor.


I do 60g of powdered gatorade mix and 30g of powdered maltodextrin in 750ml of water for each hour of riding, both are dirt cheap.

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I’ve started using just Gatorade - about 60g per bottle. I think it was $11 last time I bought one from Amazon and it lasted months.

25g gatorade, 17g Karbolyn (“Neutral” flavor) in 500ml water, works for me.

A friend of mine has a product geluminati ( They’re trying to gain word of mouth and I know a lot of thought has been put into sourcing ingredients and optimizing ratios so I’d recommend folks check them out!

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If you really want to get fancy I just get cheap table syrup (not real maple) from the store and add some salt for electrolytes. It’s actually quite delicious.

Is anyone who’s doing granulated sugar also adding in citric acid or something similar to get the sweetness down?

I’ve not bothered with citric acid. I did not find the sweetness so bad, and I try to get it down with little mouth contact. (Dental hygiene)

Not even sure that I prefer it with the Gatorade. But I’ve got to use up the huge tub I convinced my wife to order from Amazon.

I’ve used citric acid in the past. It doesn’t take much to add flavor and I would only use about 6 teaspoons in about 90 ounces of maltodextrin/dextrose/table sugar (I was making bulk batches). I’m not sure what that translates to if just making a single bottle but a small pinch is likely all you need.

If the sweetness is your real issue, maltodextrin is much less sweet than other sugars.

Granulated sugar is 1:1 glucose to fructose, I’m assuming it’s mostly the fructose that brings the unavoidable sweetness. I’m not sure starting with maltodextrin + adding in the requisite amount of fructose to target 1:1 or 1:0.8 would be any different?

You are correct. There’s at least one long thread about this with lots of details:

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Whats the breakdown of this mixture in terms of sugar components?

the gatorade is almost pure sugar, with a bit of salt and flavor

Outside of making your own, about the cheapest stuff I have found that works well is the Gatorade Endurance formula. A bit more sodium than the regular formula and a little less sweet. It is about 1/2 the price of something like Infint.

I personally really like the Cherry flavor…almost has a bit of a cinnamon after taste, so it doesn’t have an overly sweet finish flavor that sits in your mouth.

Not even sure that I prefer it with the Gatorade. But I’ve got to use up the huge tub I convinced my wife to order from Amazon.

If you’re not into the Gatorade mix on the bike, you could mix it with a little whey protein to make Amber’s post-ride recovery drink. I’m enjoying it mixed with vanilla whey for a sort of orange creamsicle taste.

I do the same but with real Maple Syrup, pink Himalayan sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon or lime for flavor. I love it!

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