Hardest Workouts

Not intending this thread to be in any way ‘badge of honour’ like, i’m just curious to hear what experiences people have had and whether we all find some things similarly hard; solidarity if you will.
As often you can finish a workout alone and be like ‘is it just me or was that super tough?’

For example:

Today i did ‘Leconte’ . I naively looked at this on paper and thought it would be not too hard, or certainly no harder than something like Carpathian Peak.
How wrong i was.
1st time i’ve had to back pedal. A real brute.

Anyway, i know every rider is built differently but i was curious to see what people found hard or easy.


Both of those are really hard IMO. However it does depend where your fitness is and how good your recovery / how high your fatigue leading into them.

A really hard session could be easy at the beginning of a plan but a brute 4 weeks later (with better general fitness) if other factor have come into play… poor sleep, diet, stress etc.

Generally depending one ones strengths, power duration curve, it going to be very different from athlete to athlete but anything with a IF of greater than 0.9 is going to be very uncomfortable. I’m strong at 6 - 10 minutes so 5 x 7M @ 108% isn’t too bad but 3M intervals kill me.

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HUXLEY 30 mins of hell , do this at 95+ rpm