Is hanging a bike like this ok?

Sorry dumb newbie question. Is this hanging as pictured ok?


Looks fine… well it looks ridiculous but I cant see it causing any damage :slight_smile:

EDIT: I hadn’t considered potential issues with hydraulic brakes (see below)


Certainly does look ridiculous :sweat_smile: but was going mouldy outside and this was the best use of wall space. Thanks!


I like it.

Its not great for hydraulic brakes - you want the levers higher than the calipers, or else you risk bubbles moving into the calipers, where they are most problematic.


true, but when you bleed them properly, it -should not- matter :wink:


Do you really think op knows how to bleed brakes :wink:. I am thinking probably not.

Edit: I know how to but and have the tools but this is one thing I prefer not to do.


I wouldn’t hang a disc brake bike upside down. you don’t want an air bubble to bubble up to the caliper and then not have brakes when you need them.

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I’m going with no, because you can get a small air bubble in the caliper. Even if you bleed them perfect, there’s a small bit of air in the master cylinder after you replace the shifter-side bleed screw. If you go front wheel up, it’s not as big of an issue.

Not recommended. As mentioned, even with a good bleed, it’s likely there is air in the master cylinder. At that angle, it’s possible for air to work it’s way up into the brake lines.

If that “vertical” orientation is absolutely necessary, doing it with the front wheel on top will be the best, but I would still avoid that and lean towards level whenever possible.

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<techno-grouch with rim brakes smiling smugly while staring at his bikes lined up on the garage wall, suspended from rear wheels>


Thanks everyone. I have no idea how to bleed brakes.

I presume a bubble could be catastrophic while riding?

Will see how I can change orientation.


  • Worst case, yes. Imagine grabbing your brakes in a panic situation (car cuts you off) and getting very spongy response, to worst case pull all the way to the bar and not getting enough bite. You might not have sufficient stopping power is the ultimate issue.

Thank you

If I hang front wheel up can I have one pad on the fork and the other hanging pad on the head tube?

I have no idea. Not enough info on the pads or exactly where you would have them contact.

I’m curious how easy it is to hang this way up. I hang my bikes but handlebars up, no issues with the brakes. I can’t imagine it being very easy or convenient to put them on back wheel up.

As mentioned, you might screw up your brakes. At least I did when I had disc brakes. Had a tiny apartment and had to hang my bike upside down to store. Next day, I had 0 brakes. Good thing I found out before bombing down the hill right outside my door.

Thanks mate. Actually quite easy. How do you hang yours? Can you send a photo pls

Same here, no issues with 2 disc brake bikes over 6 years. Once a year I have the bikes serviced including a brake bleed.

FWIW I also see bikes hanging from the wall at our local Trek dealer and same at other bike shops :man_shrugging:


Generic image as I’m not at home.


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