Hammerhead Karoo 3

@dcrainmaker with the big tease :joy:.

with such an aggressive sale event going all summer long - hardly a surprise :slight_smile:

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Yeah, agreed.

I like the idea of the Karoo with it’s SIM card and ability to leave the phone at home. It hasn’t really ticked any other boxes yet.

Looks like the new one (two?) Are both bigger so that’s less appealing still.

I want an Edge 140 that does all the metrics stuff and can send a live tracking signal from the device :joy:. Oh, and 10+ hours battery life minimum.

Not too much to ask is it??

I always found that a weird decision by Hammerhead. For me at least, I’m never leaving my phone at home. The Karoo is never going to give me what my phone offers (taking photos, calling for a ride, quickly going through Google maps or similar, finding a place to eat or a gas station). Plus I’d have to buy a separate SIM or swap my phone SIM out every ride. Just seemed like way more hassle for no benefit.


Here’s a link to the product Ray is showing: K-EDGE HMS Mounts – Hammerhead

Also bikerumor with more details: Adapt Existing K-EDGE Mounts for Karoo 2 w/ New Hammerhead Mounting System - Bikerumor

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I would only utilise it for racing. I pretty much only use live tracking during races, yet that’s the instance I don’t want to carry my phone at all.

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that’s not necessary anymore with esim

Good point. That is actually the only time I don’t have my phone on me.