Hammer and short intervals

Forgive if this has been asked before, but I didn’t have luck using the search function.
I’m noticing that I’m not meeting power targets using erg mode and my Hammer trainer during the smart intervals. It takes a few seconds to adjust to the power and as a result, I don’t hit he power target per interval. I’ve tried calibrating, but to no avail. See attached photos.

I don’t know that trainer, but my kickr lags a little at first. Make sure you hold your cadence when the resistance increases. I find it helps if I have a cadence over 100. I usually hit 110.

Your issue is the same discussed here.

There is unavoidable lag for trainers to adjust resistance. TR tries to offset this delay by sending the resistance adjustment about 1 second early.

In short, ignore the actual interval summaries in the app during the workout, and table in post ride analysis. There will likely be a differential that will make it appear that you “missed” the interval.

But, when you look at the zoomed in intervals you can see that you get the overall time and training effect desired.

To add:

  • One trick I use for these intervals is to slow my cadence about 10 rpm slower than planned cadence for the interval. I do this about 10 seconds before the start of the interval.
  • When the timer hits the start of the interval (the resistance is already swinging up from the 1 second jump start) I jump hard and get up to my planned cadence.
  • This can ramp up the power a bit quicker to get closer to the target power sooner.
  • It’s not perfect, but helps if you are concerned about the lag.

Thanks Chad, you the man!!!

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For sure, always happy to help. :smiley:
Let me know if you have any more questions on this or other stuff.

Happy training.

I just shift in resistance mode to hit these. Most erg trainers are not good at locking in power super quickly.