Gym work with full distance plans

I’ve just started a base phase full distance plan and am trying to figure out when I should look to do some gym work too. Currently I’m fitting it in where I can and when I’m feeling rested enough, but would like to plan better when I do it. I’m fortunate enough that I’ve got time on my side with no kids or pets (and a very understanding other half). For those of you doing a full distance plan, when do you fit in strength/ conditioning work in your schedule?


What kind of gym work are you doing?

I’m rotating between 2 workouts, legs and uppers, and also do a mix of core in both. I’m doing mostly 2 x 12-15s of; Legs: squats, deadlifts, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises
Upper: lat pull downs, bench press, lat raises and dumbbell pullovers

Check this thread out: Strength Training - #76 by intheways
There are some pretty detailed replies including some from coach chad


Ah that’s great. Thanks a lot, I’ll take a look through

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