Guys! I did it!

I raced a 45 minute 40+ cat. 4 race yesterday and I went TOP 5!!! I’ve been improving all spring and finally put it together.

My comeback from cancer is gaining momentum! Blogpost coming.

Thanks for the support TR community and thanks to the TR guys for a great product with some flexibility that has brought me back from not being fit after chemo last year to starting to really get fit!

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Well done!

On so many levels…Chapeau! May the positive energy (and hyperthermia) keep you cancer free.

Well done, nice one :+1:

Great work! Congrats!!

Brilliant news :+1: keep on pushing!

Wow, I’m a slacker, I finally updated my blog with my thoughts on the race. I took this week off of racing but, I’m thinking of doing the iconic Morgul Bismark road race here in CO this month. Not sure I’m ready for a road race but, might roll the dice.

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Great job, congrats!

THIS IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC! I really appreciate you sharing this!!! Totally motivating!

Thank You!!!

Boom! Nice work!

Did my first race of the year here in my new home in AZ. It went ok. I blogged about it here:

How’s it going for you all?